Deliverable 1.12

Abstract: Water use scenarios for the REFRESH demonstration catchments

Results and information from the SCENES project on water scenarios for pan-Europe was collected to make an overview on future developments in water use for the countries with the REFRESH demonstration catchments. This information on water use is the starting point for the integrated catchment modelling activities within REFRESH to analyse the possible futures for the freshwater ecosystems taken into account climate adaptation and restoration.

Although this is a publically available deliverable it is primarily intended for internal use and is designed to supply information on the expected changes in water availability within the selected catchments by downscaling the information as far as possible to regional or country scale. The deliverable does not constitute an extensive analysis as this the remit of the integrated catchment analysis in WP5 where the modelling will be undertaken. The results from the downscaling of the information in Deliverable 1.12 provide an indicator for the direction in which withdrawals and availability change in general and not as precise figures. The case study modellers will check whether data on catchment scale are available for the current situation and use the trends from the regional water use scenarios to make projections on water use at catchment scale. Subsequently, the scenarios will be translated into input parameters for the hydrological models.

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