Deliverable 1.1

Abstract: Report on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies already in practice based on the 1st River Basin Management Plans of the Member States

The decision whether or not to include climate change (CC) issues into the 1st River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) was dependant on the availability of information and on the urgency of the CC related problems for each country. Most countries included a chapter in the 1st RBMP describing observed CC and its impacts on water resources management and carried out ‘climate checking’ of their programs of measures but the results were reported at very different levels of detail. The distinction between specific CC measures and the complex of measures dealing with floods, droughts and water quality protection, was rather arbitrary.

In the Annex of this report the measures are categorized according to the original reports and, hence, some measures which are qualified as CC measures by one country may be not included by other countries which did not consider the linkage to CC strong enough. Some of the measures in the Annex were not directly listed as measures in the management plans, but were picked out from the text discussing the tackling of climate impact. In this report, special attention was paid to adaptation measures addressing climate impact on ecosystems. This area was poorly represented in nine of the 18 RBMPs analysed. As the measures are translated from different languages, the wording may not reflect fully that of the original text and for more detail it is suggested to consult the original plans in the national languages. Besides the REFRESH project, the present report is of relevance to the JRC Thematic Area 3 (Sustainable management of natural resources) foci on CC, to the European Clearing House mechanism on CC and to the EC Blueprint on Water.

This deliverable provides a framework on which reviews of adaptation measures practiced in the member states will be based. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive assessment of adaptation measures being undertaken across member states but a report on the kinds of measures currently practised based on those identified in the River basin management Plans. It forms part of a series of deliverables (1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5) which will provide a comprehensive review of strategies being practised at various scales. Deliverable 1.1 was not intended to be a country by country, or river basin by river basin assessment. It is publically available as a JRC Scientific and Technical Report (Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies already in practice based on the 1st River Basin Management Plans of the EU Member States - EUR 24663 EN - 2010).

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