Deliverable 1.2

Abstract: Review of published climate change adaptation and mitigation measures related to water

Increasing evidence of climate change impacts on the global water cycle, water resources, and aquatic ecosystems has given a strong impetus to the development of adaptation measures in water management. This report provides an insight to potential and planned water related measures tackling climate change causes and consequences, which have been included in the Member States River Basin Management Plans, published in various reports and scientific literature mostly within the last decade.

The database of about 450 measures analysed in this report and given in a separate Annex as an Excel spreadsheet, constitutes the most important part of this deliverable. In the context of this report, measures are defined as practical steps or actions taken to (i) reduce the sources or enhance the sinks of greenhouse gases, (ii) to decrease the vulnerability of water resources and aquatic ecosystems to climate change, or (iii) enhance the knowledge base on climate-water relationships and increase the societal capacity to take right decisions on this matter. Strategically, the measures identified are either part of a planned adaptation strategy, specifically focusing on climate change and variability, or autonomous adaptation, whereby the goals are not specifically climate related, but have an added value in improving resilience to climate change. Separate chapters are dedicated to each of the five specific adaptation strategies addressed in the REFRESH Project.

In addition to the REFRESH project, this present report is of relevance to the JRC Thematic Area 3 (Sustainable management of natural resources) foci on CC, to the European Clearing House mechanism on CC and to the EC Blueprint on Water. It is publically available as a JRC Scientific and Technical Report (Review of published climate change adaptation and mitigation measures related with water - EUR 24682 EN - 2010).

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