Deliverable 1.9

Abstract: Generic toolkit applicable in any catchment to link land-use to climate change scenarios through changing land capability and incorporate adaptation options

This report provides guidelines for those generating land use scenarios for the REFRESH demonstration catchments. These outline the approach being followed to set up the land use scenarios. The principles and framework are designed to be generic for all case studies to provide overall consistency, whereas definition of the issues can also be framed based upon case study specifics. Once the key issues have been defined, storylines are developed based upon the overall scenario assumptions and then, using a rule-based approach, quantified spatio-temporal scenarios of potential future landscapes can be created. Ideally, evaluation of the resulting scenarios would be used to reframe the key issues and iteratively identify any additional issues for further assessment.

The report comprises;

  1. General guidelines on how to create land use scenarios for the REFRESH project from the SRES framework, to develop storylines and their implementation. The land use scenarios for the Dee catchment are used as an example.
  2. LandSFACTS guidelines. General guidelines on how to spatially implement the land use scenarios using the LandSFACTS software.
  3. An additional example of simpler land use scenarios for the Thames catchment is also included (section III).

 This report is intended for internal use only. There is some degree of overlap between Deliverable 1.8 and 1.9.  The general toolkit (D1.9) includes the model of land use system & software interface (D1.8). The intention of the partition between D1.8 and D1.9 is that D1.8 is focused on the actual output from the Dee scenarios (i.e. tiff maps, with minimal methodology explanations), whereas D1.9 holds the detailed guidelines to explain the methodology and tools (software), for use by the other catchments. Deliverable 1.9 is aimed at those working in all REFRESH demonstration catchments, whereas 1.8 is mainly of interest to people working on the Dee.

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