Deliverable 2.13

Review on processes and effects of temperature regimes in rivers and threats due to climate change on current adaptive management and restoration efforts

Abstract This report is a literature review focusing on 'adaptive management' and 'restoration efforts' in relation to climate change in rivers. The last ten years of publications in ISI web of science have been accessed and papers including the keywords (stream* or river*) and (climate change* or global change*) and (temperature*) and (adaptive management* or restored or restoration*) has been evaluated for possible inclusion in the review report. In total 41 scientific publications were found using this search strategy, and 20 of these were deemed most suited and included in the review. The review summarises which adaptive management and restoration efforts are currently being used according to the scientific literature and what effects climate change have and will have in the future on the management and restoration of stream and river ecosystems.


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