Deliverable 2.3

Abstract: Templates for reviews and common data analyses

A series of reviews are being undertaken in REFRESH focusing on thresholds/references, indicators, and adaptation, mitigation and restoration strategies for European rivers, lakes, and wetland ecosystems. The principal objectives are to identify thresholds in structure, function and biodiversity for the effects of temperature, low flows (rivers), low water levels (lakes, including impacts on salinity), changes in flooding regimes (riparian wetlands) and changes in nutrient and organic matter loads (all three ecosystem types). These will be used to evaluate how the threshold concept and knowledge of specific thresholds can be incorporated into adaptation, mitigation and restoration strategies needed to achieve e.g. the objectives of the WFD and HD.

In WPs 2-4 a common approach to completion the reviews will be adopted and a template designed to consolidate the output from the reviews. This deliverable highlights decisions on: i) the focus of the reviews, ii) database format and template for the reviews, iii) definitions of review terms, iv) scientific paper collection.

This deliverable has been produced with a main focus on work package 2 (Rivers). The information from the reviews in WPs 2-4 will be an important input to WP5 (modelling), particularly the information on ecological indicators including both hydrochemical (nutrients, organic matter, sediment and oxygen) and ecological (gross primary production; system respiration; net primary production; chlorophyll a; and invertebrates, macrophytes, wetland plants, phytoplankton and fish functional groups and abundance).

A review database will be built in Microsoft Excel because all partners have access to the software and it can be developed at very little cost into the tool we need for the REFRESH reviews. The information on papers reviewed will be stored in the Excel database, whereas further information (such as abstracts and links to pdf versions of the papers) will be stored in Mendeley (a free academic referencing tool) or commercial software such as EndNote. In order to collect a coherent set of papers that may be useful for further meta-analyses a common set of review terms is proposed and a list of suggestions is included in the deliverable. Although the Deliverable is publically available it is primarily intended as a tool for use within the Project and is not of public interest.

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