Deliverable 3.17

This deliverable summarises existing knowledge on the autecology of European Odonata. 150 literature references the distribution of Odonata across Europe together with their ecological and biological traits were included in the review. The information was then uploaded onto a database by transforming the traits into numerical values. Special focus was given to biological parameters which indicated tolerance or sensitivity to climate factors. These parameters can be used to indicate climate change by analysing the sensitivity of dragon- and damselfly communities at specific sites.

The first chapter summarises existing knowledge and provides an overview of the autecology of  European dragon- and damselflies. The second chapter is a first analysis of the sensitivity of the order Odonata in European ecoregions. By evaluating 6 different autecological parameters the vulnerability of the Odonata communities in each ecoregion is highlighted and 'winners and losers' in terms of climate change are indicated. This deliverable represents a first general overview of the suitability of European dragon- and damselflies to indicate climate change impacts. The deliverable comprises a report and a database annex.

This is an internal deliverable, restricted to project participants at this stage. Once the analysis on the sensitivity of the order Odonata in European ecoregions has been published the report will become freely available.

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