Deliverable 3.21

Abstract: Guidelines for the development of adaptation, mitigation and restoration strategies for lakes

These guidelines summarise the recent advances in lake research including the key results from REFRESH. Based on these we formulate some robust guiding principles for lake managers which recall some of the basic rules in limnology regarding nutrient limitation, cascading effects in foodwebs, and type-specific differences of lakes, place a clear emphasis on needs and cost-effective methods to combat eutrophication as the dominating pressure on lakes in Europe, which if followed, will lead to win-win solutions. As with the CIS guidance (CIS, 2009), the guiding principles are accompanied by suggested actions and case studies or examples for more details. The four guiding principles relate to various aspects of the river basin management - the risk assessment, monitoring and assessment of the status of surface water, objective setting, and the programme of measures. The implications of these principles for lake restoration as well as for climate change mitigation and adaptation are highlighted.


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