Deliverable 3.2

Abstract: Manuscript on the temperature effects on trophic structure and dynamics (including metabolism) in lakes.

This deliverable consists of 13 papers, including five comprehensive reviews and a number of original papers on both contemporary limnology and paleoecology. Taken together they allow us to conclude that temperature increases related to global climate change have already had substantial effects on trophic structure and dynamics as well as lake metabolism. In a future, warmer world, these will continue and are likely to increase in magnitude. The current and  expected impacts may, to a large extent, negate the effects of nutrient loading reduction measures currently implemented to restore degraded lakes. As a consequence, a considerably greater effort, in terms of management measures, will be required to fulfill the objectives of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) than currently employed. It is therefore of key importance that the next revision of the River Basin Management Plans related to the WFD seriously and practically considers the effects of climate change.


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