Deliverable 3.7

Abstract: Manuscripts on combined experiments on temperature, water level and nutrients load threats in 6 European lakes (Sweden to Turkey)

Freshwater ecosystems and their biodiversity are presently seriously threatened by global changes. Eutrophication and climate change alter directly and indirectly the community structure and ecosystem functioning of fresh waters worldwide. Through climate change in addition to changes in mean ambient temperature, major changes in precipitation patterns are expected worldwide. A pan-European, standardised series of mesocosm experiments were carried out to determine the importance of water level fluctuation as driver of ecological processes in lakes resulting from global change in six countries from Sweden to Greece. This sought to study the effects of climate change and eutrophication on trophic and community structure and dynamics as well as lake metabolism. 

This deliverable comprises three research manuscripts that have been produced from the cross-European mesocosms experiments on temperature, water level and nutrients. The first describes the design of, and preliminary results from the experiments. The second looks at the influence of water level, nutrient loading and climate on nitrogen and phosphorus retention in lakes. The third assesses climate change, shallow lakes and resilience and considers the implications for conservative. Several other papers from the experiment are in various state of publications, including papers on periphyton, zooplankton,macrophytes, phytoplankton,microbial loop, metabolism and will all be submitted during the next 6 months.


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