Deliverable 4.13

Report providing tools for vulnerability assessment in natural, managed and restored riparian wetlands

Abstract: In REFRESH several field experiments on riparian wetlands were carried out to determine how climate change affects wetting/drying regimes and thereby the nutrient status and the primary production of nutrient rich and nutrient poor affect those wetlands. This study was intended to convert the gained knowledge from the experiments to knowledge rules and visualize these rules on a European scale, based on a map of European wetlands.

However, only Dutch and Danish field data available were available and, during a Master's project it was established that the Dutch data are not adequate to distil knowledge rules from. Therefore, the initial aim, going from field data to knowledge rules and upscale them to European scale was abandoned and we used knowledge rules from literature on the effects of climatic induced changes in flooding on the P cycle of riparian wetlands. These knowledge rules are then used for a proposed method to visualize their presumed effect on European scale. We have now used an abstract approach of how to use wetland type information in upscaling of local P-dynamics and the climate change affecting it.

We have first selected knowledge rules on P-dynamics in riparian wetlands and grouped types of riparian wetlands. These knowledge rules can be influenced by climate change, therefore we have defined three European regions with more or less similar expectations for climate change. Finally, we have combined the previous analysis on wetland types and climate change regions in a hypothetical way.


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