Deliverable 4.4

Summary report on the effects of climate-driven changes in temperature and hydrology on the successes of management strategies applied to riparian wetlands, particularly for restoration of wetlands and mitigation of climate change effects on catchments.

Abstract: This report summarises the results from the experimental manipulations of riparian hydrology (drought and flooding treatments) carried out along a climatic gradient in the EU FP7 project REFRESH. The experiments aimed to examine riparian ecosystem responses to increased summer droughts and increased winter flooding periods by experimentally diverting stream water to dry out, or flood,  riparian wetlands. The climatic gradient investigated runs North-South across Atlantic Europe, from Denmark, North Germany, the Netherlands, Atlantic Spain to Mediterranean Spain. Results on wetland biogeochemistry (N and P), biodiversity (plants and riparian beetles) and functioning (greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration and decomposition) are summarized here.


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