Deliverable 5.15

Abstract: Integration Workshops and other WP5 Cross-cutting Interactions

This document describes the interactions between the modelling workpackage WP5 and other work packages which are aimed at delivering the REFRESH objectives through joint activities. It also records the key outcomes of these meetings related to the incorporation of the experimental results into the models, and to linking the biophysical modelling to the socio-economic analysis. Originally these functions were intended to be achieved by a bridging workshop but as the project developed it became clear that a single workshop was impractical, and instead a number of smaller workshops were held.

Outlined in this document are the bridging workshop between WP5 and WPs 2-4 at Sitges in March 2012, the bridging workshop between WP5 and WP6 at Reading in February 2012 and the bridging workshop between WP5 and WP6 at Sitges in March 2012. As REFRESH has progressed, the preferred modelling tool for incorporating the experimental results into predictions of the ecological effects of climate and land use change has become the Bayesian Belief Network (BBN). The state of development of five BBNs being developed in REFRESH is also described in this document


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