Deliverable 6.1

Abstract: Report on compliance challenges and regulatory and property rights regimes in the selected catchments

This Deliverable presents an analysis of the main characteristics of the six demonstration catchments selected for integrated modelling in REFRESH, namely, Dee (Scotland), Thames (England), Louros (Greece), Pyhäjärvi/ Yläneenjoki/Pyhäjoki (Finland), Vansjǿ-Hǿbol (Norway), and Vltava (Czech Republic) and deals with the profiling of these catchments using a common outline base.

The main objectives of Deliverable 6.1 are:

i) To identify the main features and characteristics of the selected catchments and review compliance threats.

ii) To describe the regulatory and property rights regimes which impact on water quality and compliance with the Habitat Directive (HD) and Water Framework Directive (WFD).

iii) To present (in the context of the above two objectives) data with respect to the socio-economic impacts of compliance with HD and WFD.

Deliverable 6.1 draws from six reports each one specific to the above catchments and summarises the main features and environmental issues concerning these catchments. Information included is specific to the biophysical features of the selected catchments, land use patterns, factors affecting water quality (diffuse and point pollution and their causes) and quantity, local, national and European institutions and regulations and their implementation in the catchments. Based on the EEA DPSIR framework, the report presents drivers, pressures, state, impact and responses to date for the selected six catchments.

It is a publically available deliverable and provides background information relating to these key study sites in REFRESH.

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