Deliverable 6.3

Abstract: Report on sub-catchment rationale and selection

This report summarises the situation in the sub-catchments of the six catchments selected for socio-economic analysis in REFRESH project. It draws together the information from the separate sub-catchment report undertaken for the demonstration catchments in the Czech Republic, England, Finland, Greece, Norway and Scotland and describes the rationale for sub-catchment selection. The report recognises the need to explore the diversity of conditions in Europe with respect to the challenges to the delivery of the Water Framework Directive and the Habitats Directive (Natura 2000).  The selection of sub-catchments provides a means of exploring the challenges of cost-effective adaptation of management practices and remedial measures in knowable communities of place with specific challenges to water and habitat quality.

Our selection of case studies shows the prevalence of agricultural land use as a factor compromising delivery of Water Framework Directive and Natura 2000 objectives, but there are also other factors, such as sewage works, hydropower production, industrial demands , fish farming and recreational demands which can be important in local contexts.  We offer an overarching framework to classify the multiple demands made on the case study water bodies and use this to indicate how the choice of sub-catchments reveals both commonality and diversity across the catchments.

This is a publically available deliverable and provides the background to and, rationale for, the selection of specific sub-catchments for subsequent inclusion in the cost-effectiveness analyses in WP6.

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