Deliverable 6.5

Abstract: Workshop proceedings on collaborative scoping of solutions, Dee catchment, UK

Work package 6, Task 6.3 of the REFRESH Project is concerned with scoping possible measures to improve water quality through collaboration with local stakeholders. This is being undertaken at 6 case study catchments located in Scotland, England, Finland, Norway, the Czech Republic and Greece. Deliverable 6.5 represents the outcome of the collaborative scoping of solutions in the Dee catchment in Scotland.  A workshop was held on February 3rd 2011 in Dunecht, northeast Scotland, to explore the views of local stakeholders on measures to improve water quality problems to achieve compliance with the Water Framework and Habitats Directives both now and under projected climate change. The workshop was designed and implemented following the Participatory Assessment of Adaptation Strategies protocol agreed in WP6, and built on the stakeholder engagement experience in WP1. A total of 12 people participated in the workshop, which focused on the Leuchar Burn and Loch of Skene, both within the River Dee catchment. The stakeholders have been categorized into three groups: farmers, other land users/managers and a general group comprising those who represent the interests of the 'environment', including government agencies and environmental interest groups.

The objectives of the workshop were addressed through three sets of activities: (1) discussion of water quality problems in the sub-catchment and the sources of these pressures, (2) discussion of measures to alleviate these problems and perceptions of their cost and effectiveness, and (3) discussion of climate change and its effect on water quality and adaptation measures. This was done through a combination of plenary discussions and break-out group activities.

The workshop was successful in gathering local views regarding these three issues. These views will feed into further WP6 cost-effective analysis modelling work, guide the selection of adaptation measures to be modelled in WP5 whilst lessons learnt will feed into the project’s general stakeholder and collaborative learning process in WP7

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