Deliverable 7.11

Proceedings of international stakeholder meeting in Australia


Abstract: Environmental water represents the cornerstone in Australia’s approach to adapting freshwater ecosystems to climate change. As an adaptation tool, environmental water aim to minimise existing stressors, build resilience, protect refuges or enable triage during extreme events, e.g. drought. Over the next century, however, there are likely to be considerable changes in the climatic, cultural and institutional settings within which planning and management of environmental water occurs.

The allocation of environmental water and flows is the major policy response to meeting the needs of aquatic ecosystems, given the challenges of climate change and the development pressures facing Australian rivers. The challenge is to wisely deliver this environmental water (operational phase) given that institutional, legal, and environmental knowledge and frameworks are in their infancy relative to overall water resource development and management. Given our current knowledge and experience, and what we assume about the uncertainties about the future, what are the opportunities and challenges for the management of environmental water in 2030.

To meet this challenge the Water Resources and Freshwater Biodiversity Adaptation Network (National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility) ran a national workshop from the 4th to 5th September 2012, with the support of the University of Canberra. This Deliverable comprises a report from the meeting, together with an article on the workshop that appeared in a magazine, RipRap.


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