Deliverable 7.19

Abstract: “Science Policy Brief 1- Zooplankton: an integrative Biological Quality Element for assessing the Ecological Status of lakes”

The EU Water Framework Directive environmental objectives are established on the basis of ecological status assessment, focused on five species groups (macroinvertebrates, fish, phytoplankton, macrophytes and phytobenthos). The assessments do not considering zooplankton. REFRESH has demonstrated that zooplankton is an important, integrative and cost-efficient indicator of the ecological quality of lakes and of recovery after restoration. We recommend that zooplankton metrics be included among mandatory biological quality elements for lakes as this will improve our capacity for lake management under future climate and land use changes.

Science-Policy Brief 1 is one of the series of policy oriented documents based on the REFRESH output from WP1-6. This deliverable aims at translating part of the scientific results on European lakes regarding the biological quality elements used for assessing their ecological status, highlighting the implications for the EU Water Framework Directive.

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