Deliverable 7.5.1


As part of the REFRESH dissemination strategy a series of popular articles for stakeholder consumption will be written as key results emerge from the Project. The intention is that these will meet the demand for delivery of output from the Project to audiences beyond the scientific community. Deliverable 7.5 will comprise 6 different articles to be published at six month intervals from Month 12. This report, Deliverable 7.5.1, is the first of these and focuses on the output of the stakeholder engagement work in WP1 Task 3. Here three workshops were held, two involving local stakeholders, working at the catchment scale in Greece and Scotland and one involving national policy makers from across Europe. 

A summary report from these (together with links to the full reports on the REFRESH web site) was published as an article for International Water Association Watershed & River Basin Management Specialist Group Newsletter June 2011. This is reproduced below.

Additionally a research briefing was published on Knowledge Scotland: Science Policy Connections Online ( This article comprises the second part of this deliverable.

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