Deliverable 7.5.2

Abstract: Popular Articles for Stakeholder Consumption - Article in Parliament Magazine

This deliverable is the second in a series of popular articles for stakeholder consumption to be published throughout the duration of the Project. The Parliament Magazine is a fortnightly EU politics magazine. Among others it is distributed to;  

  • European Parliament
  • All MEPs
  • All Secretaries-General and senior press
  • Officers of the nine political groups
  • EU President and Presidency officials
  • Council of Ministers
  • Senior officials in the General Secretariat of the Council
  • European Commission
  • All EU Commissioners, Chefs de Cabinet and Commission officials with responsibility for parliamentary relations
  • Economic and Social Committee
  • All members in Brussels Committee of the Regions
  • Brussels secretariat

This article summarises REFRESH and highlights work undertaken at the REFRESH demonstration catchments and was published in The Parliament Magazine Issue 357, 29 October 2012 (online version here).

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