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Natural Resources Wales Briefing Note

'Freshwater Management in a Changing World' a two day REFRESH dissemination even took place in London 6th and 7th November, 2013. On Day 1, at the Royal College of Physicians, 120 delegates attended a REFRESH Science Symposium where a number of REFRESH scientists presented results from the project to a mixed audience drawn from both the scientific and user communities (the latter including water companies, consultancies, water managers, environmental legislators, conservation bodies, NGOs etc). Several summary presentations provided syntheses of different aspects of the work programme, focusing on streams, lakes, riparian wetlands, integrated modelling and socio-economic analyses.

Each of these was followed by a more detailed presentation highlighting a key area of the work programme. On Day 2 around 70 people attended the REFRESH UK Stakeholder Meeting where the focus was on the implications for management of climate and land use impacts on freshwater ecosystems (in particular, compliance with the Water Framework Directive). This was one of a series of four regional stakeholder workshops and the target audience included water managers, those tasked with revising the River Basin management Plans and conservation bodies interested in the management of freshwater ecosystems. A key component of this meeting was that a number of stakeholder with particular interest areas were given a platform to respond to the presentation from the REFRESH consortium having seen the these  in advance. The stakeholder presenters subsequently participated in a panel discussion which included questions from the audience.

One of the stakeholder panellists, Tristan Hatton-Ellis from Natural Resources Wales, in consultation with REFRESH scientists, produced this policy briefing.


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