Deliverable 7.7

Abstract: Proceedings of the REFRESH regional stakeholder meeting in London

The new information generated by REFRESH will inform the development ofadaptation strategies in response to climate change and thus facilitate the implementation of the WFD and HD at European, national, regional andlocal levels. The full engagement of stakeholders is required for this to succeed. The foundations for this were laid at the start of the Project in a series of stakeholder workshops from the local to the international scale. This was continued throughout the REFRESH dissemination strategy which has, at its core, the aim to present results from REFRESH in a way that ensures that the new information canbe applied in a meaningful way to the management of freshwaterresources. A key component of this strategy is the organisation of stakeholder workshops – to disseminate the results of REFRESH directly to the most appropriate stakeholders. At the regional scale, four workshops were held in the UK, Norway, Estonia and Turkey bringing together members of the freshwater community, representing a wide spectrum of interests - scientists, conservation and regulatory agencies, NGOs and water companies to assess progress with understanding the impacts of climate change on freshwaters and, in particular, the implications for adaptation, mitigation and restoration strategies. Funds were available to support stakeholder attendance at thesemeetings. This Deliverable comprises a report from the meeting held in London in November 2013


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