Deliverable 7.9

Abstract: Proceedings of regional stakeholder meetings in Estonia

REFRESH aims to develop adaptive strategies to mitigate climate change (CC) impacts on freshwater ecosystems in Europe. It has formulated some robust guiding principles for lake management to recall some of the basic rules in limnology regarding nutrient limitation, cascading effects in foodwebs, and type-specific differences of lakes. These guiding principles put a clear emphasis on needs to combat eutrophication as the dominating pressure on lakes in Europe. REFRESH seeks to support the design of cost-effective adaptation and mitigation strategies for freshwaters to comply with the Water Framework (WFD) and Habitats Directives, taking into account expected future impacts of climate change. Most countries included a chapter in the 1st River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) describing  observed climate change and its impacts on water resources management and carried out  ‘climate checking’ of  programmes of measures. As the projected changes in temperature and, especially, precipitation in Baltic countries include large uncertainties , Estonia and Latvia fully excluded climate change issues from the RBMPs for 2009-2015. The implications of climate change for the WFD have to be assessed and actioned in detail during the 2nd and 3rd cycles of RBMP. The aim of the two REFRESH stakeholder workshops that were held in Estonia in May and October, 2013 was to assist water managers in Estonia, other Baltic states and Finland was to meet this challenging task.


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