Work Programme

The Project considers how freshwater ecosystems (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and riparian wetlands) in Europe will change over the next fifty years and it uses a combination of novel experiments and modelling to generate the understanding and tools needed to implement an adaptive management strategy.

We will use a series of carefully designed, co-ordinated field experiments in which river, lake and wetland sites have been selected to represent a gradient of climate conditions across Europe. These will be supported by laboratory and mesocosm experiments, analysis of major databases that enable time-space modelling, further analysis of long-term time-series assembled during the Euro-limpacs project and by evidence from palaeoecological studies where extreme events and abrupt transitions in the past have been recorded. All these approaches will be combined to help develop the process-based models needed to run scenarios for adaptive strategies and which are required for up-scaling from local to river basin.

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