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Biogenic methane contributes to the food web of a large, shallow lake, Agasild, H.; Zingel, P.; Tuvikene, L.; Tuvikene, A.; Timm, H.; Feldmann, T.; Salujõe, J.; Toming, K.; Jones, R. I; Nõges, T. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 59, Number 2, p.272–285, (2014) Abstract
Measuring the relative resilience of subarctic lakes to global change: redundancies of functions within and across temporal scales, Angeler, D.G.; Allen, C.R.; Johnson, R.K. , Journal of Applied Ecology, Volume 50, Number 3, p.572–584, (2013) Abstract
Tracing alpha, beta, and gamma diversity responses to environmental change in boreal lakes, Angeler, D.; Drakare, S. , Oecologia, Volume 172, Number 4, p.1191-1202, (2013)
Algal invasions, blooms and biodiversity in lakes: Accounting for habitat-specific responses, Angeler, D.; Johnson, R. , Harmful Algae, Volume 23, p.60 - 69, (2013)
Revealing a conservation challenge through partitioned long-term beta diversity: increasing turnover and decreasing nestedness of boreal lake metacommunities, Angeler, D.G. , Diversity and Distributions, Volume 19, Number 7, p.772–781, (2013) Abstract
Insight on Invasions and Resilience Derived from Spatiotemporal Discontinuities of Biomass at Local and Regional Scales , Angeler, D.G.; Allen, C.R.; Johnson, R.K. , Ecology & Society, Volume 17, Issue 2, p.32, (2012) Abstract
Temporal scales and patterns of invertebrate biodiversity dynamics in boreal lakes recovering from acidification, Angeler, D.G.; Johnson, R.K. , Ecological Applications, 2012, Volume 22, Issue 4, p.1172 - 1186, (2012) Abstract
Windows of change: temporal scale of analysis is decisive to detect ecosystem responses to climate change, Adrian, R.; Gerten, D.; Huber, V.; Wagner, C.; Schmidt, SilkeR. , Marine Biology, Volume 159, p.2533-2542, (2012) Abstract
Patterns of temporal community turnover are spatially synchronous across boreal lakes, Angeler, D.; Johnson, R.K. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 9, p.1782–1793, (2012) Abstract
Revealing the organization of complex adaptive systems through multivariate time series modeling., Angeler, D.G.; Draker, S.; Johnson, R.K. , Ecology and Society, Volume 16, Issue 3, p.5, (2011) Abstract
Climate-driven changes in water level: a decadal scale multi-proxy study recording the 8.2-ka event and ecosystem responses in Lake Sarup (Denmark), Bjerring, R.; Olsen, J.; Jeppesen, E.; Buchardt, B.; Heinemeier, J.; McGowan, S.; Leavitt, PeterR.; Enevold, R.; Odgaard, BentV. , Journal of Paleolimnology, Volume 49, p.267-285, (2013) Abstract
Fish diversity in European lakes: geographical factors dominate over anthropogenic pressures, Brucet, S.; Pédron, S.; Mehner, T.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Argillier, C.; Winfield, I.J.; Volta, P.; Emmrich, M.; Hesthagen, T.; Holmgren, K.; Benejam, L.; Kelly, F.; Krause, T.; Palm, A.; Rask, M.; J, , Freshwater Biology, Volume 58, Number 9, p.1779–1793, (2013) Abstract
‘Diatoms and pH reconstruction’ (1990) revisited, Birks, H.John; Simpson, G. , Journal of Paleolimnology, Volume 49, Number 3, p.363-371, (2013)
Groundwater nitrogen and the distribution of groundwater-dependent vegetation in riparian areas in agricultural catchments, Baattrup-Pedersen, A.; Hoffmann, C.C.; Audet, J.; Andersen, H.E.; Riis, T.; Larsen, S.E.; Kronvang, B. , Ecological Engineering, p.-, (2013)
Effects of stream flooding on the distribution and diversity of groundwater-dependent vegetation in riparian areas, BAATTRUP-PEDERSEN, A.; JENSEN, K.M.B.; THODSEN, H.; ANDERSEN, H.E.; ANDERSEN, P.M.; LARSEN, S.E.; RIIS, T.; ANDERSEN, D.K.; AUDET, J.; KRONVANG, B. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 58, Number 4, p.817–827, (2013) Abstract
CATCHMENT CHARACTERISTICS AND PLANT RECRUITMENT FROM SEDIMENT IN STREAM AND MEADOW HABITATS, Baattrup-Pedersen, A.; Riis, T.; Larsen, S.E. , River Research and Applications, Volume 29, Number 7, p.855–863, (2013) Abstract
Species Recruitment following Flooding, Sediment Deposition and Seed Addition in Restored Riparian Areas, Baattrup-Pedersen, A.; Dalkvist, D.; Dybkjær, J.B.; Riis, T.; Larsen, S.E.; Kronvang, B. , Restoration Ecology, Volume 21, Number 3, p.399–408, (2013) Abstract
Effects of Temperature, Salinity and Fish in Structuring the Macroinvertebrate Community in Shallow Lakes: Implications for Effects of Climate Change, Brucet, S.; Boix, D.; Nathansen, L.W.; Quintana, X.D.; Jensen, E.; Balayla, D.; Meerhoff, M.; Jeppesen, E. , PLoS ONE, 2012/02/29, Volume 7, Issue 2, p.e30877EP -, (2012) Abstract
Impacts of salinity and fish-exuded kairomone on the survival and macromolecular profile of Daphnia pulex, Bezirci, G.; Akkas, S.; Rinke, K.; Yildirim, F.; Kalaylioglu, Z.; Severcan, F.; Beklioglu, M. , Ecotoxicology, Volume 21, p.601-614, (2012) Abstract
The influence of water level on macrophyte growth and trophic interactions in eutrophic Mediterranean shallow lakes: a mesocosm experiment with and without fish, Bucak, T.; Saraoğlu, E.; Levi, E.E.; Nihan Tavşanoğlu, Ü.; İdil Çakiroğlu, A.; Jeppesen, E.; Beklioğlu, M. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 8, p.1631–1642, (2012) Abstract
In-stream net uptake regulates inorganic nitrogen export from catchments under base flow conditions, Bernal, S.; von Schiller, D.; Martí, E.; Sabater, F. , Journal of Geophysical Research, 2012/07/12, Volume 117, p.G00N05, (2012) Abstract
Combining limnological and palaeolimnological data to disentangle the effects of nutrient pollution and climate change on lake ecosystems: problems and potential, Battarbee, R.W.; Anderson, N.J.; Bennion, H.; Simpson, G.L. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 10, p.2091–2106, (2012) Abstract
Hydrological extremes modulate nutrient dynamics in mediterranean climate streams across different spatial scales, Bernal, S.; Mart, , Hydrobiologia, 2012, Volume 719, Issue 1, p.31-42, (2012) Abstract
Can artificial plant beds be used to enhance macroinvertebrate food resources for perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) during the initial phase of lake restoration by cyprinid removal?, Boll, T.; Balayla, D.; Andersen, F.Ø.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 679, Number 1, p.175-186, (2012)
Short-and long term niche segregation and individual specialization of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in species poor Faroese lakes, Brodersen, J.; Malmquist, HilmarJ.; Landkildehus, F.; Lauridsen, TorbenL.; Amsinck, SusanneL.; Bjerring, R.; Søndergaard, M.; Johansson, LiselotteS.; Christoffersen, KirstenS.; Jeppesen, E. , Environmental Biology of Fishes, Volume 93, Number 3, p.305-318, (2012)