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Insight on Invasions and Resilience Derived from Spatiotemporal Discontinuities of Biomass at Local and Regional Scales , Angeler, D.G.; Allen, C.R.; Johnson, R.K. , Ecology & Society, Volume 17, Issue 2, p.32, (2012) Abstract
Revealing the organization of complex adaptive systems through multivariate time series modeling., Angeler, D.G.; Draker, S.; Johnson, R.K. , Ecology and Society, Volume 16, Issue 3, p.5, (2011) Abstract
Effects of Temperature, Salinity and Fish in Structuring the Macroinvertebrate Community in Shallow Lakes: Implications for Effects of Climate Change, Brucet, S.; Boix, D.; Nathansen, L.W.; Quintana, X.D.; Jensen, E.; Balayla, D.; Meerhoff, M.; Jeppesen, E. , PLoS ONE, 2012/02/29, Volume 7, Issue 2, p.e30877EP -, (2012) Abstract
Can artificial plant beds be used to enhance macroinvertebrate food resources for perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) during the initial phase of lake restoration by cyprinid removal?, Boll, T.; Balayla, D.; Andersen, F.Ø.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 679, Number 1, p.175-186, (2012)
Nutrients exert a stronger control than climate on recent diatom communities in Esthwaite Water: evidence from monitoring and palaeolimnological records, Dong, X.; Bennion, H.; Maberly, S.C.; Sayer, C.D.; Simpson, G.L.; Battarbee, R.W. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 10, p.2044–2056, (2012) Abstract
The role of cladocerans in tracking long-term change in shallow lake trophic status, Davidson, T.; Bennion, H.; Jeppesen, E.; Clarke, G.; Sayer, Carl.D.; Morley, D.; Odgaard, B.; Rasmussen, P.; Rawcliffe, R.; Salgado, J.; Simpson, G.; Amsinck, S. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 676, Number 1, p.299-315, (2011)
PERSiST: a flexible rainfall-runoff modelling toolkit for use with the INCA family of models, Futter, M.N.; Erlandsson, M.A.; Butterfield, D.; Whitehead, P.G.; Oni, S.K.; Wade, A.J. , Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Volume 18, Number 2, p.855–873, (2014)
Recent climate induced changes in freshwaters in Denmark., Jeppesen, E.M.; Søndergaard, T.L.; Lauridsen, L.; Liboriussen, R.; Bjerring, L.S.; Johanssen, F.; Landkildehus, B.; Kronvang, H.E.; Andersen, D.; Trolle, T.J. , Global impacts of climate change on inland waters, (2012)
Resource subsidies between stream and terrestrial ecosystems under global change, Larsen, S.; Muehlbauer, J.D.; Marti, E. , Global Change Biology, p.n/a–n/a, (2015) Abstract
Controls on inorganic nitrogen leaching from Finnish catchments assessed using a sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of the INCA-N model, Rankinen, K.; Granlund, K.; Futter, M.N.; Butterfield, D.; Wade, A.J.; Skeffington, R.; Arvola, L.; Veijalainen, N.; Huttunen, I; Lepisto, A. , Boreal Environment Research, Volume 18, p.373-386, (2013)
Application of the WFD cost proportionality principle to diffuse pollution mitigation: A case study for Scottish Lochs, Vinten, A.J.A.; Martin-Ortega, J.; Glenk, K.; Booth, P.; Balana, B.B.; MacLeod, M.; Lago, M.; Moran, D.; Jones, M. , Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 97, p.28 - 37, (2012)
A cost-effectiveness analysis of water security and water quality: impacts of climate and land-use change on the River Thames system, Whitehead, P.G; Crossman, J.; Balana, B.B; Futter, M.N; Comber, S.; Jin, L.; Skuras, D.; Wade, A.J; Bowes, M.J; D.S, R. , Phil Trans R Soc A 371, Volume 20120413, p.1-16, (2013) Abstract
Hyperresolution global land surface modeling: Meeting a grand challenge for monitoring Earth's terrestrial water, Wood, E.F.; Roundy, J.K.; Troy, T.J.; van Beek, L.P.H.; Bierkens, M.F.P.; Blyth, E.; de Roo, A.; D, , Water Resources Research, 2011/05/06, Volume 47, Issue 5, p.W05301, (2011) Abstract
Evidence needed to manage freshwater ecosystems in a changing climate: Turning adaptation principles into practice, Wilby, R.L.; Orr, H.; Watts, G.; Battarbee, R.W.; Berry, P.M.; Chadd, R.; Dugdale, S.J.; Dunbar, M.J.; Elliott, J.A.; Extence, C.; Hannah, D.M.; Holmes, N.; Johnson, A.C.; Knights, B.; Milner, N.J.; Ormerod, S.J.; Solomon, D.; Timlett, R.; Whitehead, P.J.; Wood, P.J. , Science of The Total Environment, Volume 408, Number 19, p.4150 - 4164, (2010) Abstract
Effects of deposit-feeding tubificid worms and filter-feeding bivalves on benthic-pelagic coupling: Implications for the restoration of eutrophic shallow lakes, Zhang, X.; Liu, Z.; Jeppesen, E.; Taylor, W.D. , Water Research, Volume 50, p.135 - 146, (2014)