Deliverable 7.23

Abstract: Policy Document – Implications for Agricultural Policy

This Policy document highlights the relevance of results generated in REFRESH for agricultural policy, in particular the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). It highlights the main findings from REFRESH in terms of agricultural relevance. It is clear that physical and social science needs to be better integrated for successful assessment of complex environmental issues. and the efficacy of policy measures associated with substantial financial flows. This is particularly the case for interconnected policy frameworks which have the potential to utilise synergies to better and more efficiently manage freshwaters (e.g. through the use of agri-environmental measures). 

We propose that policy makers should seek an integrated approach in measuring and monitoring nutrients transported through the soil to the watercourse and through to the estuarine zone before deciding to adopt expensive and long-­‐term policies. Integrated modelling of nutrient transport also allows for the different alternatives to be assessed in terms of cost and expected effects / benefits.

This is one of a series of policy oriented documents based on the REFRESH output from WP1-6 aimed at translating the scientific results from the project into a policy framework.


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