Euro-limpacs Deliverables

Deliverables cover different aspects of the project (e.g. planning, field studies, experimental work, modelling, results and discussions) and take different forms (e.g. web pages, software, published manuscripts, data reports, protocols and guidelines).

The list of Euro-limpacs deliverables is displayed in the table below. Click on the title to view more details including a link to download a report where available. Some reports are only available to REFRESH members. To sort the table by a particular field, click on the column header. The Key explains the notation used in the table.

Nature Dissemination
RReport PPProgramme participants
DDemonstrator RERestricted
OOther COConsortium
No. Title WP Task Lead By Nature Dissemination
1download deliverable [378.5 MB]Presentational material for distribution to all partners and the Commission so they can raise the profile of the Project globally through Powerpoint presentations, posters and the distribution of fliers at national and international meetings10 1 UCL O PU
2download deliverable [624 kB]Project Web-site incorporating public and private components10 2 UCL O PU
3download deliverable [199 kB]Project presentation for policy makers and non-specialists10 3 UCL O PU
4login to downloadReport from Start-up meeting including detailed timetables, description of work and allocation of responsibilities10 1 UCL O PP
5login to downloadPlan for using and disseminating knowledge10 1 UCL R PP
6download deliverable [1.7 MB]Report highlighting outcomes of first specialist workshop on environmental time series identifying methodologies and data sets to be used10 6.2 UCL O PU
7login to downloadReport highlighting outcomes of first specialist workshop on ecological indicators identifying methodologies and data sets to be used 10 6.2 UDE R PP
9download deliverable [458 kB]Report providing a descriptive overview of collated available long-term historical data on temperature and ice cover in lakes and rivers relevant to the determination of direct climate change impacts on surface waters1 3.1 EAWAG R PU
10download deliverable [341 kB]Report on DOC quantity and quality data collected for Euro-limpacs at a previously established EU-VULCAN climate manipulation experiment1 5.1 NERC R PU
11download deliverable [371 kB]Report on collated long-term hydrological, meteorological and limnological data from key sites1 2.1 UIBK R PU
12download deliverable [2.8 MB]Complete review of information relating eight study catchments2 1.1 CNR R PU
13login to downloadReport ? review of existing information on key taxa and functional groups relevant to the eight study catchments 2 2.1 MasUniv R PP
14login to downloadReport on the design of a sampling framework for monitoring at the habitat scale2 2.2 BOKU R PP
15download deliverable [195 kB]Provision of land-use - hydromorphology data for input to WP62 1.1 & 1.2 CNR O PU
16login to downloadReport summarising analyses of climate - nutrient interactions on long-term chemical and biological time-series from freshwater ecosystems 3 1.1 NERI R PP
17login to downloadAnalysis of wetland data from EI-NICOLAS (delayed Deliverable 16)3 1.1 UU-BIO R PP
18login to downloadInterim report summarising analyses of new data relating to trophic structure along a climate gradient collected during the Project according to a standardised protocol3 1.2 NERI R PP
19login to downloadReport describing a cross comparison study of long-term contemporary data and palaeoecological data from lakes3 3.1 & 3.3 NERC R PP
20login to downloadReport on the effects of manipulation of temperature precipitation on runoff of N, C and and biological impacts4 1.1 NIVA R PP
21login to downloadReport on simulation of increased storms on runoff chemistry and impacts4 1.2 IVL R PP
22login to downloadReport describing analysis of extreme climatic episodes and their hydrological, chemical and biological impacts4 2.1 NERC R PP
23download deliverable [460 kB]Report describing of the main factors determining the composition of atmospherically transported organochlorine compounds to remotes sites in the Pyrenees and the Tatra Mountains5 1 CSIC R PU
24download deliverable [843 kB]Report on modelling the distribution of organochlorine compounds in the food-web of a high mountain lake (Redo, Pyrenees)5 2.2 CSIC R PU
25download deliverable [500 kB]Summary of 9 months of experimental manipulations at Gårdsjön catchments5 3 IVL R PU
26download deliverable [2.0 MB]Report comparing the POP composition in soil and sediment cores in the Pyrenees and the Tatra Mountains5 4.1 CSIC R PU
27download deliverable [943 kB]Report describing development of new and existing water quality and ecological models6 2 AERC R PU
28login to downloadReport on methodology for assessing impacts of climate change and acidification processes (in collaboration with WP4)6 2 NIVA R PP
29login to downloadA progress report on the WP6 integrated catchments database and preliminary GIS assessment of the data6 1 AERC R PP
30download deliverable [613 kB]Meta-database on ecological indicators comprising information on biotic indicators and their interrelationship with global change7 1 UDE O PU
31download deliverable [456 kB]Design of a structure for an indicator value database for European freshwater species7 4 BOKU O PU
32login to downloadDatabase for reference conditions - table structure and provisional list of sites8 1.1 SLU O PP
33login to downloadDatabase for existing restoration projects across Europe - table structure and provisional list of sites8 2 UU-BIO O PP
34download deliverable [3.2 MB]Report on the analogue matching approach for nutrient enriched lakes8 2 UCL R PU
35download deliverable [145 kB]Report on the operational landscape unit concept as a framework for catchment restoration8 3 UDE R PU
36download deliverable [526 kB]Report describing European policies and international agreements affecting catchment management9 2.1 NERI R PU
37download deliverable [680 kB]Collated questionnaires following catchment level meetings with stakeholders in each of the nine study catchments - requirements for the DSS 9 3.3 ULIV R PU
38login to downloadEuro-limpacs project meta-database10 5 UCL O PP
40download deliverable [290 kB]Report on all meetings attended at which the Project has been represented and publicised10 1 UCL R PU
41download deliverable [41 kB]Generation of Climate change scenarios for key sites in Euro-limpacs adapted to the requirements of modelling groups in all work programmes 1 1 NERC O PU
42download deliverable [243 kB]Report on first results from the short-term solute additions along the Mediterranean aridity gradient. Comparison of sites with differing degrees of aridity1 2.2 UB R PU
43download deliverable [958 kB]Report on the technical performance and application of the automatic lake monitoring stations in the selected lake districts1 3.2 NERC R PU
44login to downloadDatabase containing long-term limnological and hydro-meteorological data for Lago Maggiore and Hornindalsvatn together with model input data and available hydrological/climatological forecast scenarios for Loch Lomond/River Endrick and Lake Constance1 3.5 HYDROMOD O PP
45download deliverable [3.2 MB]Report describing systematic classification of ecological thresholds for cold shallow lakes1 3.4 CSIC R PU
46download deliverable [583 kB]Report on effects of altered soil temperature on the bioavailability of C and N in the riparian zone1 4.5 SLU R PU
47download deliverable [718 kB]Report summarising statistical analysis of controls on DOC variations at UK long-term monitoring sites1 5.2 NERC R PU
48login to downloadMeta-database of existing palaeolimnological data for undisturbed sites and pre-disturbed sites in all stress categories 1 5.3 UCL O PP
49download deliverable [601 kB]Report on collated long-term hydrological and meteorological data from glacierised and non-glacierised alpine river basins 1 2.3 UIBK R PU
50download deliverable [570 kB]Report on existing hydrological, climatological and limnological data in a Danube sub-basin including identification of gaps in the data and new analyses to be undertaken1 4.4 UNIBUC-ECO R PU
51download deliverable [614 kB]Report describing specification of a model predicting changes in CORINE communities under climate change 1 4.2 UR1 R PU
52download deliverable [111 kB]Report on the use of climate controlled mesocosms for the incubation of intact cores in static chambers 1 4.1 ULIV R PU
53download deliverable [2.1 MB]Report describing specification of wetland productivity model1 1.1 UU-BIO R PU
54login to downloadReport describing outcome of pilot study to quantify in-stream nutrient retention2 4.2 UB R PP
55login to downloadData on species response to discharge dynamics - to be transferred to indicators species database in WP7 2 3.2 ALTERRA O PP
56login to downloadReport outlining the sampling framework required to examine processes affecting habitat stability in lowland streams 2 5 ALTERRA R PP
57login to downloadReport detailing plans and protocols for experimental fertilisation experiments and paired site analyses in Iceland3 1.3 UICE R PP
58login to downloadReport detailing plans and protocols for mesocosm experiments on interactions between climate and eutrophication in lakes3 2.1 NERI R PP
59login to downloadReport summarising analyses of wetland sediment cores 3 3.2 UCL R PP
61login to downloadReport summarising analysis of seasonal variations in climate, relationship to NAO and other indices, and effects on runoff of N, C and S and biological impacts ? Interim report 4 2.2 SYKE R PP
62login to downloadReport on recovery of acidified ecosystems focusing on the use of space-for-time analogues to predict future conditions given scenarios of global change and acid deposition 4 3 UCL R PP
63login to downloadReport on recovery of acidified ecosystems focusing on the modelling of future conditions given scenarios of global change and acid deposition 4 4 NIVA R PP
64login to downloadReport describing the accumulation processes of POPs and metals in continental headwaters 5 1 CSIC R PP
65login to downloadReport describing the transfer of pollutants through the food web in lacustrine systems and modelling the influence of temperature - Interim report 5 2.2 CSIC R PP
66login to downloadReport describing the dependence between accumulation of POPs in snow and annual average air temperature 5 2.1 CSIC R PP
67login to downloadReport outlining the experimental design and sampling strategy for study of climate change and mercury mobilisation 5 3 IVL R PP
68login to downloadReport describing the main transfer mechanisms between POPs, metals and Hg from soils to sediments 5 4.1 UCL R PP
69login to downloadReport summarising the preliminary investigation of model uncertainty 6 3 AERC R PP
70download deliverable [532 kB]Report summarising assessment of socio-economic scenarios required for modelling 6 4 AERC R PU
71download deliverable [389 kB]A report on the prototype version of INCA-SED and it?s application to an integrated catchment site 6 2 AERC R PU
72download deliverable [1.2 MB]Report summarising how reference conditions are established for key sites 8 1.1 UCL R PU
73download deliverable [102 kB]Report providing an overview of existing information on ecosystem degradation and restoration projects 8 3 UU-BIO R PU
74login to downloadReport describing analytical protocols to examine how changing baselines affect restoration projects 8 4 UCL O PP
75download deliverable [689 kB]Report providing guidelines and an outline methodology for stakeholder and end user involvement in DSS development9 3.1 ENTERA R PU
76login to downloadGIS and user interface for planning tool9 4.1 ULIV O PP
78download deliverable [972 kB]Report on pre-treatment studies for lake manipulation experiment 1 3.3 SYKE R PU
79download deliverable [2.8 MB]Report on site selection, coring data and methodology for analysis of variability in pre-disturbance sediment samples 1 3.1 UCL R PU
80download deliverable [1.3 MB]Using automatic monitoring to quantify the impact of short-term changes in the weather on the dynamics of lakes 1 3.2 NERC R PU
81download deliverable [687 kB]Report on the impact of changing climate on the water cycle at key sites1 2.1 UIBK R PU
82download deliverable [657 kB]Report on variability in stream nutrient retention response comparing temporal variability within a stream and spatial variability across streams located along an altitudinal gradient 1 2.2 UB R PU
83download deliverable [1.1 MB]Report on plant functional groups and plant assemblages in response to change in environmental drivers (hydrology, nutrient, land use)1 4.2 UR1 R PU
84download deliverable [268 kB]Report on field monitoring activities1 4.4 UNIBUC-ECO R PU
85download deliverable [548 kB]Finalised field protocol - filed guidance 2 4.1 UDE R PU
86login to downloadFinal design of a sampling protocol and guidelines for sampling procedure on habitat scale 2 2.2 BOKU R PP
87download deliverable [105 kB]Protocol for field monitoring discharge-habitat stability-indicator species 2 3.1 ALTERRA R PU
88download deliverable [1.3 MB]Report - Land use-hydromorphology interactions 2 2.4 CNRS-UPS R PU
89download deliverable [1.9 MB]Report on sediment accumulation rate changes in European lakes 2 1.2 UCL R PU
90login to downloadReport - Identification of biotic indicators of high/low flows in running waters 2 2.5 SLU R PP
91login to downloadHypotheses, experimental design, and analytical methods for artificial stream experiments2 3.2 NERC O PP
92download deliverable [315 kB]Report - Habitat preferences of selected indicators 2 2.3 ALTERRA R PU
94login to downloadReport on indicator species or groups bound to key habitats in the investigated catchments2 2.2 BOKU R PP
95download deliverable [636 kB]Report - Testing the concept of habitat dynamics2 2.3 ALTERRA R PU
96download deliverable [4.3 MB]Report - Impacts of climate/land use/hydromorphology on the community2 2.4 CNRS-UPS R PU
97login to downloadReport describing the potential effects of changes in hydromorphometry on in-stream nutrient retention2 4.2 UB R PP
98login to downloadReport - Effect of braiding and sedimentation on mountain rivers2 4.1 UDE R PP
99download deliverable [1010 kB]Report on the first year of sampling lowland streams2 5 ALTERRA R PU
100download deliverable [981 kB]Report providing a fuller description of the wetland sediment core analysis3 3.1 UCL R PU
101login to downloadChemical composition of the Tatra Mountain lakes: II. Recovery from acidification4 2.1 HBI-BCASCR R PP
102download deliverable [1.3 MB]Report on DOC and acidification in Finnish lakes 4 2.1 SYKE R PU
103download deliverable [526 kB]Paper on the results from soil freezing experiments on release of N and C to surface waters4 1.1 NIVA R PU
104login to downloadPaper on the results from hydrology and seasalt experiments on runoff chemistry4 1.2 IVL R PP
105login to downloadReport on the effect of climate change on recovery from acidification 4 2.1 CNR R PP
106login to downloadReport on analogue matching software and package 'analogue'4 3 UCL R PP
107login to downloadReport on results of experimental manipulations at Gårdjsön catchment5 3 IVL R PP
108login to downloadCalibrated version of INCA-C 6 6.2 AERC D CO
109download deliverable [674 kB]Special Issue of Science of the Total Environment describing vanguard new data, process understanding and model development 6 6.1 & 6.2 AERC O PU
110download deliverable [3.6 MB]Report on the application of PEARLS to Bjerkriem 6 6.2 NERC R PU
111login to downloadChained HBV-MAGIC-INCA N-FJORD models 6 6.5 NIVA D CO
112download deliverable [2.4 MB]Report on updated WP6 meta-data and analysis6 6.1 AERC R PU
113download deliverable [1.1 MB]Report on running CLUAM runs through INCA-N6 6.4 AERC R PU
114download deliverable [1.6 MB]Report on Integrated stochastic models evaluating the impact of global change at the catchment- scale6 6.5 CNRS-UPS R PU
115login to downloadReport - response surface based on Monte-Carlo INCA in UK 7 2 AERC R CO
116download deliverable [505 kB]Overview paper on the macroinvertebrate database 7 4 BOKU R PU
117login to downloadIndicator value database for Trichoptera 7 4 BOKU O PP
118login to downloadIndicator value database for Chironomidae 7 4 MasUniv O PP
119login to downloadIndicator value database for fish 7 4 CNRS-UPS O PP
120login to downloadIndicator value database for Plecoptera 7 4 UDE O PP
121download deliverable [376 kB]Report - Response surface based on the ANC-pH/Al relationship 7 2 NIVA R PU
122download deliverable [40 kB]Integration of functional indicator references into the database generated in WP7 Task 1 7 3 ULIV O PU
123login to downloadIndicator value database for diatoms 7 4 ALTERRA O PP
124login to downloadStrategy of Data Evaluation for selected aquatic organisms groupsin relation to climatic gradients7 4 UGR R PP
125download deliverable [478 kB]Report on the recovery of the Becva River (Czech Republic)8 2 MasUniv R PU
126download deliverable [123 kB]Agreement with an international journal to publish a special issue or special section on the use of palaeolimnological data to establish reference conditions 8 1 UCL R PU
127download deliverable [577 kB]Report on temporal variability of contemporary phytoplankton and benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages of boreal forest lakes8 2 SLU R PU
128download deliverable [813 kB]Guideline on the use of reference conditions in areas without actual references 8 3 UDE R PU
129login to downloadReport from first Inn catchment meeting 9 3.3 ENTERA O PP
130login to downloadReport - Completed deposition scenarios for NOx and SOx in European regions in year 2100 9 1.1 IVL R PP
131download deliverable [254 kB]Report from first European DSS end-user meeting 9 3.2 ENTERA R PU
132download deliverable [189 kB]Report - summary and conclusions from first catchment level meetings 9 3.3 ENTERA R PU
133login to downloadReport summarising outputs from modelling and other technical outputs 9 1.2 AERC R PP
134download deliverable [583 kB]Member state level analysis completed. Report describing the policies and other factors affecting catchment management in two or three member states 9 2.2 NERI R PU
135login to downloadPrototype DSS for example catchment 9 4.1 ULIV R PP
136login to downloadEnd user strategy (training, workshops and engagement)10 1 UCL R PP
137login to downloadReport from Palaeo-decadal trends methodological workshop10 3 UCL R PP
138login to downloadMarie Curie Training Network Proposal10 6 UCL R PP
139download deliverable [868 kB]Development of End user /stakeholder and Public part of Web site10 2 UCL O PU
140login to downloadReport on second Project Meeting10 1 UCL R PP
141download deliverable [71 kB]Short course compendium10 6.3 UCL R PU
142download deliverable [2.1 MB]Updated Project and work-package specific publicity material (posters, fliers, Powerpoint presentations)10 1 UCL O PU
143download deliverable [3.2 MB]Report from National End users Meeting (UK)10 1 UCL O PU
144download deliverable [1.5 MB]Submission of articles to Commission for use in RTD series10 1 UCL R PU
146download deliverable [425 kB]Proposal for a Specific Support Action to cover supportive work on developing an Ecosystem Approach to catchment management9 All ULIV O PU
148download deliverable [498 kB]Report on long-term changes of discharge, precipitation and air temperature at selected alpine river basins 1 2.3 UIBK R PU
149download deliverable [614 kB]Report on effects of climate on water temperature and ice cover 1 3.1 EAWAG R PU
150download deliverable [748 kB]Report on analytical developments for analysis of the effects of natural variability on aquatic ecosystems 1 3.1 UCL R PU
151download deliverable [1.3 MB]Report on the response of lakes to extreme events 1 3.2 NERC R PU
152login to downloadReport describing ecological thresholds for Arctic lakes1 3.4 CSIC R PP
153login to downloadReport describing ecological thresholds for semi-arid lakes 1 3.4 CSIC R PP
154login to downloadActualised long-term database regarding deep large lakes 1 3.5 HYDROMOD O PP
155login to downloadReport on climate change impacts on deep large lakes 1 3.5 HYDROMOD R PP
156download deliverable [1.1 MB]Report on a model to predict changes in EUNIS wet riparian terrestrial vegetation 1 4.2 UR1 R PU
157login to downloadReport/paper describing spatial controls on surface water DOC 1 5.2 NERC R RE
158download deliverable [429 kB]DOC mediated light distribution across study lake basins 1 5.3 UCL R PU
159download deliverable [196 kB]Report on statistical analyses of sediment accumulation rate database 2 1.2 UCL R PU
160login to downloadReport on the potential for the sediment records of oxbow lakes to record flood events 2 1.2 UCL R PP
161login to downloadDetailed study of indicators at the habitat scale 2 2.2 BOKU R PP
162download deliverable [429 kB]Analysis of biological, land-cover and hydromorphology data from the European database of AQEM/STAR 2 2.4 CNRS-UPS R PU
163login to downloadPersistence and stability of benthic macroinvertebrates in Swedish streams under stressed and non-stressed conditions 2 2.5 SLU R PP
165download deliverable [91 kB]Database on habitat preferences of benthic invertebrate species, resulting from previous projects (AQEM, STAR), and WP2 Tasks 4.1 and 52 2.4 CNR R PU
167login to downloadManuscripts for a special issue on the results of WP2 Tasks 1.1, 1.2 and 2.12 1.1, 1.2 & 2.1 ALTERRA R PP
168login to downloadReport on the first findings of the paired wetland sites study in Iceland 3 1.3 UU-BIO R PP
170login to downloadThree papers on trophic dynamics in lakes in different climate zones and along a climate gradient by using stable isotopes 3 1.2 NERI R CO
171download deliverable [3.4 MB]Four papers about: cross system analyses of trophic structure in different climate zones based on experiments and monitoring data 3 2.1 NERI R PU
172download deliverable [3.6 MB]Two papers on shallow lakes dynamics in relation to changes in climate 3 2.1 NERI R PU
173login to downloadInterim report on the progress of the Liverpool mesocosm experiment for 3 2.1 ULIV R PP
174download deliverable [526 kB]Report on seasonal and long-term trends in NO3 at Norwegian catchments 4 2.1 NIVA R PU
175download deliverable [510 kB]Report on effect of climate change on drought-induced acidification events 4 2.1 NIVA R PU
176download deliverable [608 kB]Report on use of downscaled GCM scenarios with MAGIC 4 4 NIVA R PU
177login to downloadReport on trace element deposition values and seasonal variability 5 1 CSIC R PP
178login to downloadReport on the accumulation of PAH and their metabolites in remote freshwater ecosystems 5 2.2 CSIC R PP
179login to downloadReport on the effects of PAH and their metabolites in the top predator organisms living in remote freshwater ecosystems 5 2.2 CSIC R PP
180login to downloadReport on the first results on mercury and methylmercury mobility and bioaccumulation in lakes affected by temperature changes 5 3 IVL R PP
181login to downloadReport on Scottish sediments and soil cores 5 4.1 UCL R PP
182login to downloadReport on the first application of INCA-Hg6 2 AERC R PP
183login to downloadReport on the application of INCA-Sed to Finnish and Danish catchments 6 2 NERI R PP
184download deliverable [1.1 MB]Report on ensemble predictions of nitrogen changes across Europe in response to climate change 6 6 AERC R PU
185login to downloadReport describing the new version of INCA-P 6 2 AERC R CO
186login to downloadReport describing the outcome of the Helsinki meeting on the structure of INCA-P 6 2 SYKE R CO
187login to downloadPreliminary report of climate scenario application of PEARLS at Bjerkreim 6 2 NERC R PP
189login to downloadIndicator value database for Ephemeroptera 7 4 CNR O PP
190download deliverable [588 kB]Evaluation of Trichoptera data in relation to climatic gradients 7 4 UDE R PU
192login to downloadEvaluation of fish data in relation to climatic gradients 7 4 CNRS-UPS R PP
193login to downloadEvaluation of Plecoptera data in relation to climatic gradients 7 4 BOKU R PP
194login to downloadEvaluation of diatom data in relation to climatic gradients 7 4 ALTERRA R PP
195login to downloadConceptual framework on the extension of the meta database into an indicator selection tool 7 1 & 5 SLU R PP
196download deliverable [82 kB]Report on the restoration success of two lowland streams following re-meandering projects 8 3 ALTERRA R PU
199login to downloadCompletion of DSS software structure ready for tools to be incorporated 9 4.1 ULIV O PP
201login to downloadReport from Leipzig Project Meeting 10 3 UCL R PP
202login to downloadProposal for Euro-limpacs Information System 10 2 UCL R PP
203login to downloadDraft chapters for Euro-limpacs Book 10 2 UCL O PP
204login to downloadDeveloping the Public part of the Euro-limpacs Web site10 2 UCL O PP
205download deliverable [532 kB]Big stories part of Web page 10 2 UCL O PU
206login to downloadReport from palaeo and decadal trends workshop 10 4 UCL R PP
207login to downloadReport from time-series workshop 10 4 UCL R PP
208login to downloadFinal protocol for the stream isotope sampling 3 1.2 ULIV R PP
209download deliverable [1.3 MB]Report on the effect of solar radiation on Al-cycling and its impact on P immobilisation1 2.1 HBI-BCASCR R PU
210login to downloadInfluence of hydrological and hydrochemical processes in the high mountain catchment-lake system on the long term change of the lake food web structure (Tatra Mts., Slovakia, Poland)1 2.1 HSCU R PP
213download deliverable [922 kB]Database for the Small Island of Braila wetland system1 4.4 UNIBUC-ECO O PU
214download deliverable [614 kB]Report on of a model of how the riparian zone serves as the template for runoff water quality1 4.5 SLU R PU
215download deliverable [1.7 MB]Report on the potential impact of changing climate on chemical mass fluxes at key sites1 2.1 UIBK R PU
216download deliverable [584 kB]Report on the effect of temperature on stream nutrient retention1 2.2 UB R PU
217login to downloadReport on the impact of short-term changes in weather on lake dynamics at the Austrian sites1 3.2 UIBK R PP
218login to downloadManuscript on expected hydrological and morphological changes of the Schwalm and Gartroper Mühlenbach rivers2 5 UDE R PP
219login to downloadManuscript - Combined report on summer 2006 and spring 2007 experiments 2 3.2 NERC R PP
221download deliverable [561 kB]Manuscript on results of analysis from the river Dinkle 2 2.5 ALTERRA R PU
222login to downloadManuscript on expected hydrological and morphological changes in the Lahn and Eder rivers 2 2.4 UDE R PP
224login to downloadReport - Analysis of differences in silted and not-silted sites2 4.1 BOKU R PP
225download deliverable [2.3 MB]Report - Habitat preferences of phytobenthos 2 2.2 MasUniv R PU
226login to downloadManuscript on the concept of the reference sediment accumulation rate 2 1.2 UCL R RE
227download deliverable [1.3 MB]Report - Evaluation of key taxa indicators of habitat stability for sites located in Izvoru region2 2.2 UNIBUC-ECO R PU
228login to downloadReport - Micro-habitat distribution of selected indicators in key habitats 2 2.2 ALTERRA R PP
229download deliverable [809 kB]Report on the analysis results of the relations between land use and hydromorphology for river sectors of the Neajlov River 2 2.4 UNIBUC-ECO R PU
230download deliverable [609 kB]Manuscript on Habitat preferences of as well as effects of disturbances on three indicative lowland stream trichopterans 2 3.2 ALTERRA R PU
231download deliverable [306 kB]Report - Results from the stream channel manipulations 2 4.2 UB R PU
232download deliverable [928 kB]Report on the sampling of restored lowland streams and the potential effects of climate change on the restoration success2 5 ALTERRA R PU
233download deliverable [1.1 MB]Evaluation of hydrological and thermal regime in the key catchment 2 5 MasUniv R PU
234login to downloadReport on the drivers of sediment accumulation rate changes in different lake types 2 1.2 UCL R PP
235login to downloadReport on the paired wetland sites (year 3) 3 1.3 UU-BIO R PP
236login to downloadReport on genetic changes in the resident Daphnia magna population in relation to habitat deterioration and restoration of Lake Ring, Denmark - a resurrection ecological and paleogenetical approach3 3.1 KULeuven R RE
237download deliverable [850 kB]Manuscript "The influence of geothermal activity on diatom production in mountain streams"3 1.3 UICE R PU
238download deliverable [669 kB]Manuscript "Macrobenthos of geothermally affected mountain streams"3 1.3 UICE R PU
239download deliverable [1.4 MB]Paper on Boxford Water Meadows to be submitted either to a special issue on "Identifying decadal scale climate impacts from recent sediment records and long-term datasets" 3 3.2 UCL R PU
240login to downloadReport on genetic adaptation of local cladoceran populations to temperature regime in large-scale mesocosms3 2.1 KULeuven R RE
241download deliverable [135 kB]Introductory paper by Battarbee & Bennion on "Palaeolimnology and reference states"to be submitted to the Journal of Paleolimnology Special Issue "Reference states and lake restoration: the role of paleolimnology"3 3.1 UCL R PU
242download deliverable [409 kB]Paper by Bennion et al. on "Eutrophication" to be submitted to the Journal of Paleolimnology Special Issue3 3.1 UCL R PU
243download deliverable [279 kB]Paper by Guilizzoni et al. "Establishing phosphorus and trophic reference condition for key sites in Italy: a palaeolimnological approach" to be submitted to the Journal of Paleolimnology Special Issue3 3.1 CNR R PU
244download deliverable [225 kB]Paper on Myvatn to be submitted to a special issue on "Identifying decadal scale climate impacts from recent sediment records and long-term datasets"3 3.1 UCL R PU
245download deliverable [63 kB]Paper on Mjoesa to be submitted to a special issue on "Identifying decadal scale climate impacts from recent sediment records and long-term datasets"3 3.1 UCL R PU
246download deliverable [132 kB]Paper on Loch Leven to be submitted to a special issue on "Identifying decadal scale climate impacts from recent sediment records and long-term datasets"3 3.1 NERC R PU
247download deliverable [184 kB]Paper on Esthwaite Water to be submitted to a special issue on "Identifying decadal scale climate impacts from recent sediment records and long-term datasets"3 3.1 NERC R PU
248login to downloadPaper on Piburgersee to be submitted to a special issue on "Identifying decadal scale climate impacts from recent sediment records and long-term datasets"3 3.1 UIBK R PP
249login to downloadReport on an application of analogue matching of a Scottish data set of MAGIC hydrochemistry hindcasts and forecasts to a modern training set of hydrochemistry data available for the UK4 3 UCL R PP
250download deliverable [513 kB]Manuscript on "Effect of changes in metal speciation in lakes on internal budget of protons."4 2 HBI-BCASCR R PU
251login to downloadManuscript: Long term changes in the surface water flux of organic acids at a small upland catchment in Scotland: implications of climate change 4 2 MI R PP
252download deliverable [2.8 MB]Manuscript "Catchment-lake ecosystems in the Bohemian Forest (Central Europe): Acidification and climate change."|4 2 HBI-BCASCR R PU
253download deliverable [4.7 MB]Manuscript "dealing with long-term DOC trends at Lysina and Pluhuv Bor catchments and their connection with recovery from acidification"4 2 CGS R PU
254download deliverable [325 kB]Report on breakpoint analyses 4 2.2 CNR R PU
255login to downloadManuscript: Defining reference conditions for acidified waters in the Galloway region using a modern analogue approach 4 3 MI R PP
256download deliverable [455 kB]Report on climate effects on S, N and C cycling in Canada as forecast by dynamic models 4 4 TRENTU R PU
257login to downloadReport on heavy metals in soils and snow along an altitudinal gradient in the Pyrenees 5 2.1 CSIC R PP
258login to downloadReport on polybromodiphenyl ethers in aquatic food-webs 5 2.2 CSIC R PP
259login to downloadData report on work examining relationships between trace mobility and temperature increase as and trace metal mobility and organic carbon5 4.3 UFZ R PP
260login to downloadReport on SCPs in deposition at the 8 sites 5 1 UCL R PP
261login to downloadReport: literature and existing projects review about the influence of soil parameters on trace metal mobility5 4.3 UFZ R PP
262login to downloadReport: first results from the field monitoring stations on the River Elbe flood plain (2005-2006)5 4.3 UFZ R PP
263login to downloadReport on organochlorine compounds in aquatic food-webs and its relation with climate5 2.2 CSIC R PP
264download deliverable [136 kB]Complete calibration of INCA-N to Tovdal and submit journal paper 6 2 NIVA R PU
266login to downloadModel impacts of climate change on fish populations in the Garonne 6 6 CNRS-UPS R PP
268login to downloadManuscript on Trichoptera species traits in relation to ecoregional distribution7 4 UDE R PP
269login to downloadSummary of Ephemeroptera database7 4 CNR R PP
270download deliverable [319 kB]Update of the diatom database 7 4 ALTERRA R PU
271login to downloadLinking of biological and chemical indicators in lakes (based on REBECCA project results)7 2 SYKE R PP
272login to downloadManuscript on the assumed changes in Trichoptera communities accompanied with climate change on the basis of selected species7 4 BOKU R CO
273login to downloadManuscript on functional indicators in wetlands 7 3 ULIV R PP
274download deliverable [463 kB]Manuscript on Al/pH/DOC relationships7 2 NIVA R PU
275login to downloadDiatom evaluation I (STAR data)7 4 ALTERRA R PP
276login to downloadIndices to include Climate Change impacts into biological assessment programmes 7 5 UDE R PP
277login to downloadCompilation of indicators of different types as the basis for an indicator selection tool 7 5 SLU R PP
278login to downloadManuscript on evaluation of the Chironomidae database 7 4 MasUniv R RE
279login to downloadManuscript on the assumed changes in Plecoptera communities accompanied with climate change on the basis of selected species 7 4 BOKU R PP
280login to downloadResponse surface between climate variables and nutrient loading/nutrient concentration 7 2 SYKE O CO
281download deliverable [572 kB]Manuscript on how to transfer the functional indicator concept on rivers and lakes 7 3 ULIV R PU
282login to downloadManuscript on evaluation of the Ephemeroptera database 7 4 CNR R CO
283login to downloadManuscript on habitat preferences of benthic invertebrates resulting from habitat specific samples (example for selected mayfly species) 7 4 CNR R CO
284download deliverable [320 kB]Manuscript on "Zonal Features of the Formation of Water Chemistry in Small Lakes in European Russia"8 1 WRI-RAS R PU
285login to downloadManuscript on "Ecological relationships between stream communities and spatial scale: implications for designing catchment-level monitoring programs"8 2 SLU R PP
286login to downloadReport coordination papers submitted to the Journal of Applied Ecology and elsewhere 8 3 UU-BIO R CO
287download deliverable [326 kB]Manuscript on "The European Union Water Framework Directive: opportunities for palaeolimnolgy" 8 1.1 UCL R PU
288download deliverable [594 kB]Manuscript on "Long-term modification of arctic lake ecosystems:reference condition, degradation under toxic impacts and recovery"8 1 WRI-RAS R PU
289login to downloadReport/manuscript on greenhouse experiments 8 3 UU-BIO R CO
290login to downloadReport/manuscript on dispersal of plant seeds by ducks 8 3 UU-BIO R PP
291login to downloadPaper on ecological relationships between stream communities and spatial scale 8 4 SLU R PP
292login to downloadDraft of Euro-limpacs book chapter on references and restoration8 2, 3 & 4 SLU R PP
294login to downloadManuscript on reference conditions in lakes based on sedimentary pigments and water phosphorus concentration8 1 CNR R PP
295download deliverable [221 kB]Comparison of paleoreconstructure and empirical models for determine the reference condition of Italian lakes8 1 CNR R PU
296login to downloadReport describing test application of the DSS to the Tamar catchment 9 4.3 ULIV R PP
297login to downloadReport on the Dinkel case study9 4.2 IVM R PP
298login to downloadReport and the interactive web site9 4.2 IVM R PP
299download deliverable [811 kB]Evaluation framework for partners testing DSS and stakeholders9 3.3 ENTERA R PU
300login to downloadReport from Euro-limpacs Mid-Term Review 10 UCL R PP
301download deliverable [108 kB]Euro-limpacs position paper10 1 UCL R PU
302login to downloadManuscript - "Long-term trends in stream nitrate concentrations and losses across watersheds undergoing recovery from acidificationin the Czech Republic" 4 2.1 MI R PP
303login to downloadReport on the best ways to use models6 6 AERC R CO
304download deliverable [104 kB]Glossary of terms related to climate change impacts on freshwater ecosystems 10 5 UCL R PU
305download deliverable [618 kB]Report on end user / stakeholder engagement across the Project 10 1 UCL R PU
306login to downloadReport on MedPTI, a WFD-compliant index of water quality for Mediterranean reservoirs3 3 CNR R PP
307login to downloadManuscript on Influence of climate change on water balance in alpine catchments of the Tatra Mts1 2.1 HSCU R PP
308download deliverable [277 kB]Manuscript on the interannual variability in stream nutrient and metabolism response1 2.2 UB R PU
309login to downloadReport on an integrated biogeodynamic model for long-term ecological assessments of small and medium size lakes1 3.4 CSIC R PP
310download deliverable [1.7 MB]Report on the impact of temperature and flooding on wetland denitrification within the Tamar catchment1 4.1 ULIV R PU
311download deliverable [6.0 MB]Report on modelled change of wet riparian terrestrial plant assemblages across European1 4.2 UR1 R PU
312download deliverable [1.5 MB]Report on effects of climate change and human activities on lake marginal wetlands1 4.2 UR1 R PU
313download deliverable [379 kB]Models and indicators to predict changes in EUNIS habitats in response to climate and land use changes1 4.2 UR1 R PU
314download deliverable [617 kB]Paper on Riparian Template Model1 4.5 SLU R PU
315download deliverable [323 kB]Paper on Riparian soil temperature manipulation experiment1 4.5 SLU R PU
316download deliverable [50 kB]Report/manuscript on the experimental response of DOC to climate change1 5.1 NERC R PU
317download deliverable [199 kB]Report on the combined spatial/temporal model of DOC for the Conwy catchment1 5.2 NERC R PU
318download deliverable [731 kB]Presentation of climate change related long-term data series will be presented to the US EPA at a climate change workshop2 2.5 ALTERRA R PU
319download deliverable [165 kB]Manuscript on Relationships between individual macroinvertebrate taxa and environmental factors in some central Swedish streams2 2.5 SLU R PU
320download deliverable [243 kB]Manuscript on relationships between water transient storage and surface-subsurface hydrological and chemical interactions during leaf fall2 4.2 UB R PU
321download deliverable [485 kB]Manuscript on the results from the field experiment using a smart tracer2 4.2 UB R PU
322download deliverable [889 kB]Manuscript on the results on temporal variation of water transient storage zones within two streams contrasting in hydrological regime2 4.2 UB R PU
323download deliverable [1.0 MB]Report on The woody debris addition in the stream Jufferbeek2 5 ALTERRA R PU
324login to downloadManuscript on Life cycles in relation to temperature and secondary production in relation to discharge variation of Ephemeroptera taxa2 2.2 CNR R CO
325download deliverable [337 kB]Manuscript on Macroinvertebrate indicators of flow and in-stream habitat conditions in Swedish stream a comparison of large-scale survey data with local-scale information2 2.2 SLU R PU
326login to downloadReport from WP2 synthesis meeting2 2.1 SLU R PP
327download deliverable [102 kB]WP2 synthesis manuscript2 2.1 SLU R PU
328login to downloadFinal report on sediment indicators of flood events on floodplain lakes and the potential impact of climate change on these systems2 1.2 UCL R PP
329login to downloadManuscript on SAR changes in different lake types (JOPL Special issue)2 1.2 UCL R RE
330download deliverable [360 kB]Manuscript on degradation of freshwater communities due to hydromorphological changes2 2.1 SLU R PU
331login to downloadManuscript on discharge impact on habitat composition and distribution of indicator taxa in lowland streams2 3.2 UDE R PP
332download deliverable [184 kB]Manuscript on ‘Habitat preferences of as well as effects of disturbances on three ubiquitous lowland stream trichopterans’2 3.2 ALTERRA R PU
333login to downloadReport from Bristol Biodiversity workshop3 1 ULIV R CO
334login to downloadManuscripts on the comprehensive comparative study of the structuring role of submerged macrophytes and floating leaved plants along a nutrient gradient3 1.1 NERI R PP
335download deliverable [364 kB]Report on result from Norwegian sites3 1.1 NIVA R PU
336login to downloadReview paper arising from biodiversity workshop3 1.1 ULIV R CO
337login to downloadManuscript on Finnish stable isotope results3 1.1 SLU R PP
338login to downloadManuscript examining stable isotope patterns along a climate gradient3 1.2 NERI R CO
339login to downloadManuscript on the relationship between stream metabolism and trophic food webs estimated from isotopic signatures Mediterranean streams with different human pressures3 1.2 UB R PP
340login to downloadReport on in the artificial streams to test temperature effects will be reported3 1.3 ALTERRA R PP
341login to downloadManuscript on the effects of global warming and eutrophication on aboveground plant biomass and species composition3 1.3 UU-BIO R CO
342login to downloadManuscript on the effects on soil carbon dynamics3 1.3 UU-BIO R CO
343login to downloadManuscripts arising from mesocosm experiments3 2.1 ULIV R CO
344login to downloadManuscript on the work undertaken together with University of Turku, Finland, on a contemporary and sediment data from large mesotrophic Finnish lake, Lake Pyhäjärvi3 2.1 NERI R CO
345login to downloadManuscript on the collaboration with KULeuven on “resurrection ecology” 3 2.1 NERI R PP
346login to download11 manuscripts reporting results from the Swiss mesocosm experiment3 2.2 EAWAG R CO
347download deliverable [1.3 MB]Web-presentation of palaeo results to local stake-holder organization3 3.1 NIVA R PU
348download deliverable [159 kB]Manuscript for special issue of Freshwater Biology (paper on Lake Maggiore, long-term data sets, Palaeo and Neo limnology)3 3.1 CNR R PU
349download deliverable [786 kB]Manuscript for J. Paleolimnology on the full 100 year series of palaeo data. Comparison with climatic variation, harvest data (fish and waterfowl eggs) and human impact3 3.1 UICE R PU
350download deliverable [214 kB]Manuscript: The nature of seasonality in the time series of 60 water courses with more than 25 years of data (Sweden)4 2 SLU R PU
351download deliverable [701 kB]Manuscript: Stream DOC variability induced by drought spells and flooding in small forested catchment (S Finland)4 2 SYKE R PU
352download deliverable [368 kB]Simulation of hydrological and sea-salt extremes by experimental watering (Gårdsjön, Sweden)4 1.2 IVL R PU
353download deliverable [182 kB]Manuscript on Concentration changes of organochlorine compounds and polybromodiphenyl ethers during metamorphosis of aquatic insects5 2.1 CSIC R PU
354login to downloadManuscript on SCP fluxes in deposition with respect to historical fluxes from sediment cores and traps5 1 UCL R PP
355login to downloadReport on transport patterns of heavy metal (meteorological and climate forcing)5 1 CSIC R PP
356login to downloadReport on atmospheric deposition patterns of organic pollutants5 1 CSIC R CO
357login to downloadReport on POPs snow gradients in altitude5 2.1 CSIC R CO
358login to downloadManuscript reporting the distribution of POPs levels in soils samples from European remote sites5 2.1 CSIC R CO
359login to downloadManuscript on PAH levels in snow from European remote areas5 2.1 CSIC R CO
360login to downloadManuscript on levels of OCs in snow from European remote areas5 2.1 CSIC R CO
361login to downloadReport on the assessment of the potential redistribution patterns of diffuse pollution by POPs and metals as a consequence of temperature change in European lakes5 2.1 CSIC R PP
362login to downloadAnalysis of evidences for feminisation of male trout and its relationship with air-transported POPs5 2.1 CSIC R CO
363login to downloadSurvey of putative thyroid disrupters in mountain lakes along altitude/temperature gradients5 2.1 CSIC R CO
365login to downloadPaper on influence of environmental factors and air pollution on age structure and growth of fish in alpine lakes in the Tatra Mts5 2.1 HSCU R PP
367login to downloadReport on within-catchment transport of heavy metals5 2.2 CSIC R PP
368login to downloadReport on variability in nitrogen stable isotope ratio of dissolved ammonium and nitrate in high mountain lakes: external versus in-lake influence5 2.2 CSIC R CO
369login to downloadReport on assessment of altitudinal changes in lake food-web structure using stable isotopes5 2.2 CSIC R CO
370login to downloadReport on the occurrence of BDE-209 in high mountain lakes5 2.2 CSIC R CO
371login to downloadReport on assessment of climate change effects on food-web bioaccumulation of pollutants in lakes only affected by diffuse atmospheric pollution5 2.2 CSIC R CO
372login to downloadReport on methymercuryin deposition at Lochnagar5 2.2 UCL R PP
373login to downloadPresentation of results at European SETAC conference, Warsaw, May 2008 (Platform presentation)5 3 IVL R PP
374login to downloadManuscript to international journal on Hg results in the studied lakes5 3 IVL R PP
375login to downloadJoint WP5 report on climate change and mercury5 3 IVL R PP
376login to downloadManuscript on the effect of experimental manipulation on MeHg production and distribution in lake Halsjärvi5 3 SYKE R PP
377login to downloadManuscript on the effect of experimental manipulation on MeHg bioaccumulation in fish5 3 SYKE R PP
379login to downloadReport on the impact of climate change on the remobilisation of heavy metals from polluted soils to upland waters5 4 UCL R PP
380download deliverable [54 kB]Edit special issue of a Hydrological Research on modelling the impacts of climate change (with WP4) (WP1,4&6)6 7 AERC R PU
381download deliverable [185 kB]Report on modelled effects of climate change on N, P and sediment in 5 UK catchments6 6 AERC R PU
382download deliverable [373 kB]Downscaling flow: comparison between a statistical approach linking flow to GCM outputs and a mechanistic approach using the HBV hydrological model6 6 CNRS-UPS R PU
383login to downloadBook manuscript on the autecology of Trichoptera7 4 BOKU R PP
384login to downloadManuscript on fish community changes in relation to climate change7 4 CNRS-UPS R PP
385login to downloadBook manuscript on the autecology of Plecoptera7 4 BOKU R CO
386download deliverable [162 kB]Key indicator species of climate change impacts7 6 UDE R PU
388login to downloadManuscript on climate induced micro-endemism of Plecoptera7 4 BOKU R CO
389download deliverable [2.1 MB]Finalized website www.climate-and-freshwater.info7 5 UDE R PU
390login to downloadBook manuscript on the autecology of Ephemeroptera7 4 BOKU R CO
391login to downloadBook manuscript on the autecology of Chironomidae7 4 BOKU R PP
392download deliverable [6.8 MB]Manuscript on Recovery of lakes and the influence of climate changes8 3 NERI R PU
393login to downloadManuscript on Partitioning the influences of hydrology, sea-salts, temperature and acid deposition on the acidity of recovering lakes in the UK8 3 UCL R PP
394login to downloadPaper on acidification recovery in lakes, palaeo data8 3 UCL R CO
395login to downloadManuscript on Use of multiple organism groups and in-lake habitats to tract recovery from acidification: confounding effects of climate change8 3 SLU R PP
396login to downloadManuscript on Comparison of RIVPACS community models and decision tree species-by-species models for detecting human-induced changes in boreal lakes8 3 SLU R RE
397download deliverable [2.4 MB]Manuscript on Restoration and recovery of river ecosystems in a changing climate8 3 NERI R PU
398download deliverable [708 kB]Manuscript on Comparing benthic community structure in streams recovering from acidification with non-recovering streams along a latitudinal gradient8 3 SLU R PU
399login to downloadManuscript on Stream reference conditions? If you do not have them borrow them from your neighbours8 3 ALTERRA R CO
400download deliverable [335 kB]Manuscript on Causes of failure and success of lowland stream restoration8 3 ALTERRA R PU
401login to downloadManuscript on Effects of stream restoration in European mountain streams on hydromorphological characteristics and benthic macroinvertebrates8 3 UDE R PP
402download deliverable [418 kB]Manuscript on Is colonization of restored streams by plants and benthic invertebrates limited by dispersal8 3 UU-BIO R PU
403download deliverable [292 kB]Manuscript on Vegetation and habitat changes in response to land abandonment as indirect effect of global warming in Atlantic European wet grasslands8 3 UR1 R PU
404login to downloadManuscript on “The effect of organic enrichment on the relative contribution of macroinvertebrates and fungi to litter breakdown in boreal streams”8 3 SLU R PP
405login to downloadManuscript on “Habitat-specific stability and persistence of benthic invertebrate communities in boreal lakes”8 3 SLU R PP
406login to downloadManuscript on “Ecological relationships between stream communities and spatial scale: implications for designing catchment level monitoring programmes”8 3 SLU R PP
407download deliverable [1.1 MB]Completion of DSS software9 4.1 ULIV R PU
408download deliverable [1.1 MB]Report on DSS application to the Tamar9 4.3 ULIV R PU
409download deliverable [700 kB]Report on DSS application to La Tordera9 4.3 UB R PU
410download deliverable [1.9 MB]Report on DSS application to Neajlov9 4.3 UNIBUC-ECO R PU
411login to downloadReport on DSS application to Bjerkreim9 4.3 NIVA R PP
413download deliverable [798 kB]Report on DSS application to Chiemaditida9 4.3 EKBY R PU
414login to downloadReport on DSS application to Dinkel9 4.3 IVM R PP
415login to downloadReport on the stakeholder workshop9 4.2 IVM R PP
416login to downloadProposal for Information System on EU research on Freshwater Aquatic Ecosystems10 2 UCL O PP
417login to downloadReport from Blanes Project Meeting10 3 UCL R PP
418login to downloadFinal chapters for Euro-limpacs Book10 2 UCL R PP
420login to downloadSummary Task Report WP11 All UCL R PP
421login to downloadSummary Task Report WP22 All UCL R PP
422login to downloadSummary Task Report WP33 All UCL R PP
423login to downloadSummary Task Report WP44 All UCL R PP
424login to downloadSummary Task Report WP55 All UCL R PP
425login to downloadSummary Task Report WP66 All UCL R PP
426download deliverable [1.5 MB]Summary Task Report WP77 All UCL R PU
427login to downloadSummary Task Report WP88 All UCL R PP
428login to downloadSummary Task Report WP99 All UCL R PP
429login to downloadResults of analysis of invertebrate habitat data, resulting from previous projects (AQEM, STAR, others)2 2 CNR R CO
431login to downloadA plan for the operationalisation of the DSS9 4.1 ULIV R CO
432download deliverable [538 kB]Report from Oxford workshop on Project integration and linkages10 1 AERC R PU
433login to downloadMethodology for down-scaling climate data provided by the PRUDENCE project for the HADAM3H/RCAO and ECHAM4/RCAO models6 3 AERC R CO