Euro-limpacs Deliverables


Overview paper on the macroinvertebrate database

The main aim of WP 7 task 4 is the development of an indicator database for European freshwater species. As a first step a database for macro−invertebrate indicators was established that will be extended to other freshwater organism groups throughout the duration of the project. The current version of the macro−invertebrate taxa and autecology database is presented on ( A first overview on the online database was given in Deliverable 31. The database is continuously updated, further developed and improved.

Deliverable 116 comprises a manuscript, entitled “The AQEM/STAR taxalist ? a pan−European macro−invertebrate ecological database and taxa inventory” by Astrid Schmidt−Kloiber (BOKU), Wolfram Graf (BOKU), Armin Lorenz (UDE) and Otto Moog (BOKU). It summarises the work carried out in setting up the database, subsequent development as well as the state of the art and future aims to be achieved within Euro−limpacs. The paper was submitted to and accepted by Hydrobiologia.

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