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Indicator value database for Chironomidae

The core part of the database originates from consistent sources of information which were linked to the databasesgenerated in AQEM and STAR projects where the majority of chironomid−related information originated from Moog (2002). Some of these sources are published (Bitusik and Hamerlik, 2003, Moller−Pillot and Buskens, 1990 and Rossaro, 1991), but there are also included unpublished contibutions of B. Janecek B., Rossaro, M. Spies, K. Brabec and V. Syrovatka. The Inclusion of additional taxa and developments in taxonomy required a detailed taxonomical revision of the existing list. We adopted the approach used in Fauna Europea project (, therefore M. Spies was asked to contribute this work for the Euro−limpacs database. At present all available information except the recent contribution from Italian partner are merged into one database. A taxa list with information about taxa distribution has been prepared and will be placed at the website Autecological information will be provided in November 2006 for internal use and circulated for comment

As the ecological data collected for the database are not yet scientifically published, the Chironomidae database is currently restricted to registered users only. Access may be granted to Euro−limpacs participants by sending an email to Daniel Hering (daniel.hering@uni− and/or Astrid Schmidt−Kloiber (−

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