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Indicator value database for fish

Workpackage 7, Task 4 (Generation of an indicator value database for European freshwater species) is a pivotal biological component of Euro−limpacs, which will run continuously through the entire project. It compiles existing data on taxa characteristics (“species traits”, “autecological information”), combines this information and extends it by experiments on three selected organism groups: diatoms, invertebrates and fish.

For fish species of European rivers, CNRS−UPS is responsible for the indicator value database. Compilation of readily available autecological information from existing databases (FAME database, FAME Consortium, 2004; was commenced, and a contact with the FAME project coordinator (Dr. Stefan Schmutz, BOKU Vienna) has been established. Available information from other sources was subsequently inlcuded.

This report comprises a short description of (1) fish species selected for the database, (2) information compiled and (3) the final database structure. The main part of the deliverable is the online database available on the website:
Information about the use of the database is also provided

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