Euro-limpacs Deliverables


Complete review of information relating eight study catchments

Within Euro−limpacs, the aim of WP2, Task 1.1, is to provide an overview of the interactions between climate, hydrology, land−use and morphology under past and present conditions for selected river catchments throughout Europe. Collated data from the selected catchments will be used to address the following research questions:

i) What is the relation between climate change and land−use change, hydrology (discharge) and hydromorphology?
ii) What are the effects of the intensification or withdrawal of human activities from the floodplain on hydrology and hydromorphology?

The objective is to predict the effects of different potential changes in land−use following climate change in terms of morphological response including the extent of buffer strips, the development of riparian vegetation, the supply of coarse woody debris and the potential for channel form restoration. Historical and current existing data on study catchments have been collated and are presented here. The study catchments are the River Becva (Czeck Republic), River Vechte (Netherlands/Germany), River Dinkel (Germany), River Emån (Sweden), River Lambourn (UK), River Neajlov (Romania), River Waldaist (Austria), River Lahn (Germany), River Eder (Germany), River Orco (Italy) and River Chiusella (Italy).

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