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Indicator value database for diatoms

The database includes 86 preference classifications (parameters) of freshwater diatom taxa that are grouped into 16 categories:
i) trophy (17 indicators)
II) trophy / pollution
iii) pollution (12 indicators)
iv) saproby (13 indicators)
v) salinity (8 indicators)
vi) pH (4 indicators)
vii) nitrogen (3 indicators)
viii) oxygen (3 indicators)
ix) moisture (2 indicators)
x) general (1 indicator)
xi) current intensity (1 indicator)
xii) intetidal (1 indicator)
xiii) aerophily (1 indicator)
xiv) lifeform (1 indicator)
xv) Red list (1 indicator)
xv) preservation (1 indicator)
The diatom taxonomy and the taxon coding system of Michel Coste (Omnidia, 2005) are used in the database. This taxonomy has also been adopted in the EU STAR project (2002−2005). In total, 12375 taxa (valid taxa names and synonyms) are included in the database. The number of taxa that is included in each indicator varies between 62 and 2648. Average number of taxa is 592.

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