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Strategy of Data Evaluation for selected aquatic organisms groupsin relation to climatic gradients

This deliverable comprises suggestions for evaluation strategies for the databases on six aquatic organism groups, which have been compiled in Task 4 of Workpackage 7. The organism groups addressed in Task 4 cover a gradient from diatoms to the benthic invertebrates Chironomidae, Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera up to fish. Thus, primary producers, consumers and top predators of aquatic ecosystems are addressed.

The groups exhibit substantial differences and data availability species richness in the European ecoregions. These ecoregions were established by Illies (1978) and are based on distribution patterns of aquatic organisms; amongst others, they are being used for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. The reactions of the groups on changes in climate parameters are manifold. Some may be affected directly through temperature increase others through flood or temperature induced food shortage.

However, each organism group has its own constraints depending on data availability, previous research activities and distribution patterns. The coverage or completeness of the autecological information differs between species and organism different; on some species and ecological traits we have collected a large amount of data on others virtually none or only scarce information is available. Even distributional data within basins or ecoregions are not available for all species. Thus, data evaluation strategies are group−specific.

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