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Report ? review of existing information on key taxa and functional groups relevant to the eight study catchments

The main aim of this report is to review existing information on key taxa or functional groups identified in eight study catchments; River Becva (Czeck Republic), River Vechte (Netherlands/Germany), River Dinkel (Germany), River Emån (Sweden), River Lambourn (UK), River Neajlov (Romania), River Waldaist (Austria), River Lahn (Germany), River Eder (Germany), River Orco (Italy) and River Chiusella (Italy) . Data relating to the distribution in space and time of characteristics taxa (mainly macroinvertebrates) were collated and these biological data will be used in subtasks 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5. Data sources including existing literature, other ecological studies and data collected by water authorities and other organisations were evaluated. The analyses were aimed at addressing two key questions:

i) What are the relations between hydrology/hydromorphology and species composition?
ii) Which species or biological parameters are good indicators of change in hydrology/hydromorphological conditions.

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