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Report - summary and conclusions from first catchment level meetings

The aim of work package 9 is to develop the knowledge and expertise collated in WPs 1−7 into a range of tools and guidance for decision makers at the European, national and catchment scale, including a catchment scale Decision Support Tool (DSS). These will assist decision makers to achieve effective management of catchments under current policy requirements and societal pressures when subject to global change.
For Euro−limpacs as a whole and especially as input for the development of the DSS it is most important to learn about

a) the role of Climate Change (CC) issues in the implementation process of the WFD
b) problems authorities face in terms of decision making for implementing the WFD
c) models already used for the decision making process
d) the role of Decision Support Systems (DSS) for potential end−users, including
− current use of DSS and willingness to use DSS in the future − preconditions for using DSS − important issues for a DSS − necessary or helpful formats of information − requirements regarding contents, user interfaces etc.

In addition to these issues responses are important on how the participation requirements in WFD are interpreted and how the decision making process is organised. These questions and answers can already be seen as a transition to task 2 (policies). On the other hand for the developers of the DSS it is of interest whether and how the DSS might play a role in the participation process.

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