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End user strategy (training, workshops and engagement)

In 2004, Euro−limpacs launched a comprehensive plan for the engagement of end−users, other project stakeholders, and the media and for training activities. This End−user strategy updates Deliverable 5 “Plan for Using and Disseminating Knowledge” prepared at the beginning of the first year.

The document is divided in three parts:
1) the End−user strategy, as conducted within the Consortium,
2) an inventory of present and future activities and initiatives and,
3) the legal and Intellectual Property aspects related to the Project?s activities.

The strategy is centred on 5 areas:
i) The DSS, as a product from the project, developed for, and in collaboration with the community of end−users
ii) Links with other projects
iii) Training activities
iv) Relationships with the media and the public
v) The integration of the knowledge produced by the project in a web−based information system

The document also takes into consideration the problems that the consortium is facing in engaging with end−users, the limited resources available for these activities and the obstacles encountered in moving in a non traditional field such as communication to the public.

The necessity to define a strategy within the Project derives from to the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) that encourages “the participation of the general public” and “the active involvement of interested parties in the implementation of the directive”. The principle of end−user participation is applied by the Project with an array of initiatives as described here. The End−user strategy also considers activities such as training and the direct participation of the Project in different fora and exchange of information with other projects.

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