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Report from Palaeo-decadal trends methodological workshop

Palaeolimnology is one of the Euro−limpacs cross cutting themes designed to bring together all the palaeolimnologically−based work that is distributed across several work packages.

This report summarises the presentations and discussions held at the palaeo−decadal trends workshop held at UCL. The aim of the workshop was to:
i) Assess progress in all palaeolimnological tasks across the project
ii) Discuss how palaeolimnology can be used to assess reference conditions for lakes
iii)Discuss how palaeolimnology can contribute to an understanding of climate impacts on lakes, especially on the decadal time−scale

UCL has designed a meta−database to record information on lake sites across Europe for which palaeolimnological data are available. Prior to the workshop a literature search was carried out and so far the database has been populated with over 600 records. The database will eventually be transferred to the Euro−limpacs web−site and made available to partners to upload further information. In the next phase of the project the database will be used to assess the number of sites with palaeo data in each lake type in Europe as well as to aid the selection of specific sites for further study. At this stage there is no intention of adding sites outside Europe, but the workshop agreed that this might be a useful task at some future stage.

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