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Report on second Project Meeting

Deliverable 140 comprises a report on the second Euro−limpacs Project meeting held in Athens, September 2005. At the steering group meeting in Silkeborg on 14th January it was agreed that the second Euro−limpacs project meeting in Athens should focus on presentation of scientific progress and discussion and keep administrative issues to a minimum. As with the start up meeting the meeting was structured so that there were a mix of plenary sessions and work package specific discussion and planning workshops. Following discussions at the Executive Committee meeting in Santiago de Compostela on 24th June 2005 in was decided that the first day of the Athens meeting should focus on the theme of Integration within the Project. The intention was to put together an agenda that encompassed the full range of Integration activities and concepts so that the consortium as a whole understands what is meant by an 'Integrated' Project and can get fully involved in working towards this. A number of integration themes formed the focus of the day. These sessions were held in plenary. This was followed by two days of work package and cross cutting theme workshops. A plenary session on Friday gave an opportunity for participants to present the preliminary results from across the Project. A series of posters were put on display throughout the course of the meeting.

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