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Short course compendium

The objective of this document is to provide information on the availability of short courses (of up to a month?s duration) which cover the range of Euro−limpacs research activities. Initially, short courses for postgraduate and post doctoral researchers were investigated, but searches on the internet revealed that courses are available for other interested end−users (e.g. from government, industry or business) and so these have also been included.

Project Partners were asked to provide information on short courses that they run, but it soon became apparent that the provision of short courses on a timescale of 4 weeks or less is a much specialised activity. Whereas Masters and PhD courses are widely available at Partner institutes, short courses are provided by only two Partners.

The task was then widened to determine whether short courses covering Euro−limpacs research themes are available at other European institutes. This involved a search of the internet. Again, the provision of short courses covering environmental and climate change topics appears to be very limited in Europe, although the internet search did identify more courses held further afield, for example in the USA and Australia.

This exercise has highlighted the lack of well−publicised short courses available to either postgraduate/post doctoral students or more generally to other end users who have responsibilities for understanding and acting on the impact of climate change.

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