Euro-limpacs Deliverables


Updated Project and work-package specific publicity material (posters, fliers, Powerpoint presentations)

Publicity materials developed in the first year of the Project have been updated to reflect progress being made in the work programme and these have expanded beyond generic Project designs to include work package specific material (e.g. a WP4 poster was presented at the Acid Rain 2005 conference in Prague) and output targeting more specialised interests (e.g. a flier describing Euro−limpacs activities in mountain areas was distributed at the Global Change in Mountain Regions conference in Scotland. The publicity materials (available on the Project Web site) will continue to be updated and expanded so that a ?library? of materials will be available to meet the specific dissemination needs of the Project. A new flier has been produced and was circulated widely at the CER2005 conference in Brussels where a generic presentation for non specialists was also given. A poster focusing on End User strategy will be given at the HarmoniCa end user conference in Osnabruek, Germany in April 2005.

Numerous generic Powerpoint presentations have been developed and given to national and international audiences. These focus variously on Project objectives, methods used and sites where work is being undertaken. A presentation illustrating Project highlights up to the end of Year 2 is also being put together.

This document serves to highlight and exemplify the publicity material being developed. This material has been uploaded onto the Project Web site and can be used by partners whenever required.

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