Euro-limpacs Deliverables


Submission of articles to Commission for use in RTD series

In this chapter we summarise some of the results obtained to date from the Euro-limpacs project and draw upon the wider literature to illustrate changes that have taken place or might take place in the future as a result of global warming. First we consider some of the direct consequences of climate change on lakes, streams and wetlands. We then describe research designed to assess the interactions between climate warming and other stressors (hydromorphology, eutrophication, acidification, and toxic substances). Finally we consider the relevance of the results for policy making and for the management of freshwaters and describe modelling and other tools that need to be developed to aid decision making.

This deliverable comprises a draft chapter, co-authored by Euro-limpacs work package leaders entitled ‘Freshwater ecosystem responses to climate change: the Euro-limpacs project’. This has been submitted for inclusion in the book ‘The Water Framework Directive - Ecological and Chemical Status Monitoring’, edited by Philippe Quevauviller, Ulrich Borchers, Clive Thompson & Tristan Simonart to be published by Wiley as part of the "Water Quality Measurements" Series. This EU initiative replaces the original deliverable which sought to provide articles for Commission for inclusion on the RTD series.

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