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Proposal for a Specific Support Action to cover supportive work on developing an Ecosystem Approach to catchment management

Deliverable 146 comprises an unsuccessful proposal under EU−FP6 for a Specific Support Action to cover supportive work on developing an Ecosystem Approach to catchment management.

It is widely recognised that there is a need to provide tools to assist in the integration and dissemination of large and complex multidisciplinary projects. Integration is needed to link different natural sciences and socio−economic disciplines in order to provide a broader perspective on the issues being considered and break down sectoral isolation. There is also a need for better integration between projects and potential endusers and among projects that are undertaking complementary activities. The ecosystem approach, which is a strategy for the integrated management of land, water and living resources that promotes conservation and sustainable use in an equitable way, can provide the basis of such tools. The IMPEATUSS project (Integrated Management of Projects Using the Ecosystem Approach To Understand Science and Society) will develop a methodology, based on the ecosystem approach, for the assessment of integrated projects in order to identify areas where strengthening or creation of new linkages within projects and between projects and the end−users is required. This approach will allow a greater degree of coherence within integrated projects than is possible with existing tools and approaches. The methodology developed will be formalised as a software tool and made available to stakeholders. The project will also develop a model for a web based interface for stakeholders to access the broad range of outputs generated by large projects. Using the Euro−limpacs project as a case study, these new tools will be tested through workshops addressing the priority actions needed to ensure that it conforms to the ecosystem approach framework and the implementation of a web based interface that encompasses the full range of information and outputs being generated. The testing of these tools on the Euro−limpacs project will ensure that the integration and coherence of the project is enhanced beyond that which can be currently achieved with currently available tools.

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