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Report summarising analyses of climate - nutrient interactions on long-term chemical and biological time-series from freshwater ecosystems

This workshop report summarises the key discussions and conclusions of Euro−limpacs WP3 workshop on Seasonality held on April 4−6, 2005 in Silkeborg, Denmark. The objective of the workshop was to discuss how the interactive effects of climate change and eutrophication can be expected to influence the seasonality and temporal dynamics of freshwater systems. This objective was addressed by looking for changes in trophic structure and seasonal dynamics in streams and lakes along a nutrient gradient and a climate gradient and examining results from controlled climate−eutrophication experiments. At the workshop groups presented long−term seasonal data−series (ranging from one to many years) and inter−annual variation in regularly occurring events recorded over several years (for example: date for the occurrence of clearwater conditions in shallow lakes). These data were discussed in relation to changes in different climatic variables and to the nutrient status of the system. The main focus of the workshop was to identify the effects of climate change and eutrophication on seasonality in biological and ecological components of freshwater systems. A central issue was whether the climate−nutrient effects would shift the timing and seasonal succession in the systems and what the overall consequences such temporal changes would be. The focus was on lowland freshwater lakes, ponds and streams from the Northern Hemisphere.

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