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Report describing analysis of extreme climatic episodes and their hydrological, chemical and biological impacts

This report describes a number of methods that will be applied within WP4 of Euro−limpacs, in order to assess the potential impact of changing climatic extremes on the chemical and biological recovery of acidified streams and rivers. Impacts on hydrology are only considered insofar as they affect water chemistry (and therefore, indirectly, the biota). Direct impacts of changing hydrological extremes on aquatic ecology are considered elsewhere in Eurolimpacs (WP2). The main aims of this report are therefore i) to identify the major types of climate−driven episodes impacting on acid−sensitive streams; ii) to describe methods for analysing existing time−series data in order to quantify the chemical response to episodes, and how this may change over time; iii) to suggest how these relationships might be used in predictive models; and iv) to identify methods for linking changes in chemical extremes to biological response.

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