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Summary of 9 months of experimental manipulations at Gårdsjön catchments

This report provides a summary of 9 months of experimental manipulations at the Gardsjon catchments in Sweden. Future climate scenarios suggest large variabilities in precipitation amounts in different parts of Europe. In some regions, large increases are expected. Increased precipitation will potentially affect the mobility of mercury and other pollutants accumulated in forest soils and can thus lead to increased loadings on surface waters. The objective of these manipulations in WP 5 is to determine the influence of increased precipitation on the release of total mercury and methylmercury from forest soils to surface waters. The main hypotheses are that increased precipitation will:

i) Change the hydrological pathways in the soil and enhance the leaching of total mercury and methylmercury
ii) Lead to the formation of anaerobic zones in the soil which will enhance formation of methylmercury

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