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Euro-limpacs project meta-database

The Euro−limpacs project database is a collection of data and meta−data relating to different activities of the project. To date the following databases / meta−databases have been created:
i) Participant database (contact details, research interests)
ii) Site database (basic physical data for Euro−limpacs sites)
iii) Catchment studies meta−database (see WP6 deliverables)
iv) Climate Change Indicators meta−database (see WP7 deliverables)
v) Macro−invertebrate Taxa meta−database (see WP7 deliverables)
Metadata and databases are accessed through the Database section of the project intranet. Site data may be entered via a web interface. The intention is that all project meta−data, if linked in any way to a site, are linked in the database to the relevant site data by means of a site code. This has already been achieved for the catchment studies metadata which can also be viewed and edited (but only by the originator). The website has been built to be flexible enough that meta−data for other work packages can be gathered in a similar way to the catchment studies meta−data. However, in some cases it has been easier for work packages to develop their own meta−databases separately (for example WP7). Where this is the case there are links from the main Euro−limpacs site.

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