Euro-limpacs Deliverables


Report from Start-up meeting including detailed timetables, description of work and allocation of responsibilities

The Euro−limpacs project start up meeting was held in Innsbruck in March 2004. Over 120 members of the consortium attended. The meeting was structured so that there were a mix of plenary sessions and work package specific workshops. During the first plenary session a series of presentations introduced the project, the management team and the administrative guidelines. A workshop was organised for each work package and the WP leaders were tasked with using these to finalise detailed work programmes for the first 18 months and allocate responsibilities for activities throughout this period across the work package. Each work package leader reported back to the consortium in plenary on the final day. A series of parallel workshops were held to establish the remit, objectives and strategy for each of the official cross cutting themes (Time−series analysis, space for time substitution, palaeolimnology, episodes, seasonality and decadal change). Additionally, a number of informal cross cutting theme workshops were held to discuss dissolved organic carbon, common climate scenarios, large lakes and databases. Summaries of the key discussion points were presented during the plenary session on the final day. During the final plenary session Christos Fragakis (the EU project officer responsible for Euro−limpacs) and Hartmuth Barth hosted a question and answer session to provide an EU perspective and to clarify uncertainties with reporting and administration. Additionally, a panel session was held with all the representatives from the co−ordinators (financial, administrative and scientific) present to answer questions that had arisen during the course of the meeting.

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