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Report on the technical performance and application of the automatic lake monitoring stations in the selected lake districts

Automatic instruments provide the ideal means of recording the responses of lakes to short−term changes in the weather. Thermally stratified lakes are particularly sensitive to changes in the weather since their mixing characteristics are regulated by the combined effects of the air temperature, the sun and the wind. In this report, we describe the construction and testing of a network of monitoring stations deployed in a number of UK lakes to quantify their response to changing weather patterns. It includes some examples of the high−resolution data acquired from three lakes: Esthwaite Water and Bassenthwaite Lake in the English Lake District and the Round Loch of Glenhead in south−west Scotland. The objectives of this task are;
i) To design and construct a prototype Lake Dynamics Monitoring Station (LDMS) that can be used to monitor the physical responses of a lake to short−term changes in the weather.
ii) To construct, test and deploy a network of LDMS units in the UK and use these stations to support a range of climate−related studies.
iii) To collate and analyse the high−resolution data acquired by the LDMS units
iv) To produce a report on the technical performance of the LDMS units that highlights the value of automatic monitoring in climatic research.
This report highlights the technical performance and application of these automatic lake monitoring stations.

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