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Report on collated long-term hydrological and meteorological data from glacierised and non-glacierised alpine river basins

In this report a descriptive overview is provided of the long−term hydrological and meteorological data collated from alpine river basins. Task 2.3 of WP1 deals with long−term changes of climatic parameters and their impact on the discharge of alpine rivers. We focus on pristine river basins in the Central Eastern Alps (Tyrol, Austria) to intensively study the river flow regime responses to long−term changes of precipitation and air temperature. Responses to changes in precipitation patterns and seasonal shifts, and the occurrence of extreme events such as floods and droughts will also be examined. The long−term increase in air temperature has led to a pronounced retreat of glaciers in high altitude and latitude areas, resulting in changed discharge patterns, including shifts in the diurnal and annual course of runoff and an overall increase of total annual discharge. We will particularly address the impact of glacier retreat on river flow regimes, selecting catchments with varying degrees of glaciation.

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